I need help!! Which one should i get??

  1. I'm obsessed!! Help..
    Ok..I need help..I just got the new damier azur speedy 25 (I just ordered it on eluxury and its on its way) but now I want the Trouville..I just don't know if I can wear the damier azur with a lot of things..what do you guys think? what should I do?? HELP!


    OR this..
  2. I have the trouville and it's really cute!
  3. the trouville is very cute!! I love the style of the bag.. I say get it!! and plus, its a little different from the damier azur speedy, though still a handheld, not sure if you would want 2? but if so, then definantely go for it! lovely bag!!
  4. I would do the Trouville. The Azur line seems like it can get dirty pretty quick. In a perfect world, I would do both! But if you must pick 1, do the Trouville
  5. You can wear the Trouville with everything too.
    I love the shape of that bag its so cute and practical.
    I've seen some practically brand new authentic ones listed on ebay.
  6. I absolutely LOVE the trouville!