I need help....pweeze?!

  1. Hello everybody,

    I have spent this morning trying to find the Bindi glasses in white. Elux has this purple and tortise color:crybaby:. I went on eBay (even though it's not the best source) and the only pair I could find were like $200 more than retail..Which is a joke:wtf:!! I called my SA and left a message, but the last time I asked she said they didn't have white!! So if anybody knows where I can find the LV Bindi sunglasses and retail...PWAEEEZE let me know!!
  2. Call 1866-Vuitton customer service should be able to locate a boutique for you. Good luck!
  3. I hope you find a pair. I loved them since I saw them in Gwen Stefani's video.

    Sorry, a little off topic, but is that your new License plate? LVOE it!
  4. :graucho:Yep, that's my actual license plate..I LVoe it too!!:yes:
  5. i thought the scottsdale boutique had the bindis in white- i guess they must have sold. try 866 or see if your sa can get another pair shipped to the store. good luck!
  6. good luck