I Need Help & Distraction!

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  1. Okay, so my mind is all over the place right now and I need to focus on something other than the drama i'm experiencing at the moment.

    Talk Toki to me, baby! Hahahahaha

    So.. i'm trying to decide which bag styles I will get in which prints.

    So far I know that I want a BV in the Tutti print. For the Trasporto(my possible fave) I was thinking about a stellina, but i'm thinking it's too small for my liking.

    Do you think that the Campeggio is too big to be an actual everyday purse? I like my bags big but I also still like them to look like "purses" and not school bags.

    For reference the Zucca and the Gioco are good sizes for me and I know the BV would make me so happy!... Thing is though.. I kind of don't want to repeat any bag styles.

    I already have a Zucca, a Gioco, a Cucciolo, a Canguro, a Portatelefono, and a Bracialetto.

    BUT (hahaha I know i'm crazy. Ignore if you like, I just really need to occupy my time!) I do want another Pirata print bag. I have the Cucciolo in the Pirata, but would like more of an everyday type of purse because I love the print so much!

    I think I might have to repeat a bag or two. No harm in that....ehh... who knows.

    And for the Vacanze, i'll def. be getting the adventuro.. hopefully it won't be the size of a garbage bag! Hahahahaha

    oh man.. I feel like i'm going crazy!
    Pray for me.
  2. I think the stellina would look awesome in the trasporto... I would get one in that print if I didn't already have mostly stellinas. I think I'm going to get a campeggio in the trasporto for school, but I think the campeggio would look too big as an everyday bag... But I guess it would be a good sized diaper bag which would work for you?
  3. yeah, i agree with snapcat. campeggio's pretty huge. if you carry say, a laptop everywhere with you, it might be good though. :biggrin:
  4. i have a campeggio and my laptop fits in it...against the odds it wouldnt!!

    also, sometimes i make the strap shorter and use it as a purse rather than a messenger bag across my chest, and since its never full, it kinda folds on itself and doesnt look enormous.(or im just used to huge bags so i dont notice...) then again, buon viaggios look pretty much the same size to me...but i dont have one to compare it. :P