I need Help! All owners of the LE magenta city w/ RH, please respond!

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  1. I have been on the lookout for this bag forever, thanks to a lot of help I have found it, but not received it yet. I noticed that the pics on tpf were all different colors of the le magenta. I am confused, are there huge variations in this production? Or is it just the lighting, flash etc....? Can you all PLEASE, Please, Please post pics of your le magenta bags w/ rh? Please describe the coloring if it looks just like it does in the pick or if it is more pink irl or more purple irl. Stuff like that. I think lots of us would love to see all of these pics. TIA!
  2. I added my picture to the second of the two threads above. Mine is definitely more pink, but with some purple undertones, especially in lower light. It's very similar to hmwe's or lovelygarments' color. It looks like all the magenta/fuchsia dresses I've seen in magazines for fall.
  3. Sorry if you only want to see regular hardware, but here is mine with SGH, compared with my '05 Magentas. There's a lot of variation, but I think the color of the LE is beautiful and the leather is great.

  4. Thank you Hmwe46 & rollergirl!!! That was super helpful. I think that my violet agneau leather city has really spoiled me on amazing leather. If the magenta I get is stiff, I will just massage the hell out of it and moisturize.

    Does anyone find the LE magenta's to be more purple than the '05's?
  5. Thank you Juneplum! I hope that mine looks that amazing when she arrives!
  6. Just be careful Shasta..... There is a thread around here about a gal who moisturized her LE Magenta and the color changed/faded.:wtf:

    I hope you love her when she comes and don't have to do a thing but wear her! I'm with you, I hope the gorgy leather doesn't stop at viiolet.