i need counselling...help me...!!! :S

  1. ciao...lol...im an OCD man...

    Im stuck!!!

    1. I love Louis Vuitton 100% & GUCCI 100% EQUAL
    2. I love Louis Vuitton monogram & GUCCI monogram 100% EQUAL
    3. BUT quality...i love Louis Vuitton 100% > gucci 0% !!!
    LV canvas will live till i die!!!
    Gucci GG fabric canvas will die as time goes by...! :shocked:

    My love with Gucci went cold...when i bought my third wallet...in GG FABRIC!!!
    First and Second was GG plus...now i hate GG plus...i love gg fabric!!! as much as the LV monogram canvas!

    IF i don't look at the GG fabric with my eyes up 5cm close to the GG fabric...
    i can use it and use it and use it...But because its fabric...OCD kicks in...and i look at the fabric up too close...and i see each thread is all different...and one two threads loose-r than others...one thread threading up...etc...

    So i said...me & Gucci = X no no no more...
    from now on me & LV only...no Gucci


    I'll be buying a bag next month before i leave australia...holiday

    I KNOW I WANT THE SPEEDY 40...AND I KNOW i want the Gucci Duffel bag...:heart:

    But i know the Gucci fabric isnt...perfect perfect perfect as the LV canvas...fabric will thread up...every thread is different...fabric will go dirty...can't clean it...etc...:yucky:

    BUT I LOVE THEM BOTH EQUALLY...the only problem is the Fabric...But i love the fabric equally with the LV monogram canvas...!!! AAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

    WHAT DO I DO???!?!?

    SPEEDY 40??? YES ? NO ?

    this is really depressing me...

    I'm thinking i'll buy both...but i know ill say..."i could have bought another speedy 40, instead of the gucci gg fabric duffel bag":lecture:

    Can anyone see what my answer is? What am i going through!?!?:shrugs:


    thank you!!!

  2. I honestly will take the LV speedy over the Gucci bag. but the Gucci bag has a handle that u can carry it on your shoulder
  3. I say: go with the LV speedy with no doubts! Lv quality is much more better than Gucci's!
  4. I would get the Speedy. It sounds like fabric bags drive you nuts. Get the LV for your sanity if nothing else. I understand though. I liked the look of the Jackie hobo, but the fact it was fabric wouldn't let me buy it.
  5. Get the speedy! Don't drive yourself insane with the Gucci fabric. It isn't worth it!!!
  6. I think you should get the speedy!
    I have the Gucci Fabric duffle in blue mono, its only 3 mths old and the fabric handles are abit fraying already, it'll definitely drive you crazy!!! I don't think you'll have that problem with LV coz its leather handles and canvas!
  7. No question here.
    Speedy 40 all the way.
    If you really need a strap, you can always add the mono strap to the 40, it's what I do when I take my 40 abroad...

    .....now we have to do something to cure you of this "gucci" disease, and get you back on track to LV.......hmmmmm......lol
  8. I'd get the Speedy because it'll last much longer since the Gucci fabric frays (this is why I only buy leather from Gucci). Get the Speedy!!
  9. I would get the speedy too!
  10. Speedy, Speedy, Speedy!!!

    (You're in the LV forum - I think that's all you're going to hear :tup:)
  11. Speedy all the way ... it'll last you a lot loger than the gucci!
  12. Speedy for sure. You won't regret it and it will last a really long time.
  13. speedy speedy speedy!
  14. ahh gucci... i use to like it.. now i HATE IT.. LV all the wayyyyy (maybe one day my love for gucci will come back.. but not for now : ( )
  15. i say LV