I need all leather ergo info

  1. Anyone have the 411 on spring colors and release dates?

    NOT pebbled, NOT patent...

    plain leather :smile:

    thank u!!
  2. We have a long wait. The pleated Ergo Hobos and totes will
    not be out until late June. I have it from a very good source
    that the Great stuff from Coach is coming in March and July.
    I like you don't want patent or pebbled ergos, we have a long
    wait so I am just trying to enjoy what I have.
  3. I'm right there waiting with you guys! I dont care for the patent colors, so I'm probably holding out until the pleated leather ergos are released. I was hoping for them during March PCE though...
  4. I'm w/ you!!!!!!!!!! why are they waiting so dang long to release these???!!!!! :girlsigh:
  5. I am totally excited too!!!
    I am in love with the ERGO!!!
  6. Mommyville, I don't know why Coach is taking so long to release the regular burnished
    pleated leather Ergos but they are. We just have to be patient. I am trying to just enjoy all the good things that I have. I may not buy another bag until March or June because right now I only want a pleated Ergo Hobo (large) in the pond color. There is nothing else right now from Coach that is calling my name.
  7. Omg JUNE??? Ahhh!

    Now I need to find a new item to buy in March. March is my birthday so that automatically means I get something lol.

    But thank you for the info! Around June is when I will be due for my next bag after March.

    I hate how they torture us.
  8. Liz: do you know what colors they will be releasing in this bag in June????!!!! thanks!!!!
  9. If they release great new colors for the Ergo leather, I am DONE FOR. My husband may kill me but it'll be worth it. LOL
  10. I hear that the colors will be white, tan, black, pond, geranium and possible rust.
    I am getting the large Hobo in the pond color.
  11. OK tan or rust in a medium tote - I'm in!! Maybe we can order these earlier though, since according to an article someone posted, they are supposed be released in time for Mothers Day (well the pleated ones, anyway - I hope thats what these colors will be for).
  12. A geranium pleated Ergo!?! OMG I am sooooo there.