I need advice!!

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  1. OK so this is going to be my 2nd LV and Im so torn between the Artsy and the Galliera. I've heard great things about the galliera but love the look of the artsy...HELP
  2. The Artsy has less vachetta and no gold plate to worry about getting scratched. Artsy gets my vote!
  3. Galliera
  4. Artsy
  5. to me the artsy is boring, I have the galliera and I love it, it's very stylish and very comfy!!
  6. I have the artsy and it is my fave LV ever. I highly recommend it! ;)
  7. I like the slouchy look of the Artsy
  8. +1
    Artsy looks great ;)
  9. The artsy reminds me more of a tote, like you would use to go to the beach or day trip. The galliera seems more like a handbag. The artsy is very casual looking and very, very roomy. I don't care for the handle on the artsy.
  10. LOVE the Artsy!! I think the Galliera is boring.
  11. Artsy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. galliera!
  13. Galliera - it's a beautiful hobo bag! To me, Artsy is a bit "neither here nor there"...not feeling for it due to the short/hard handle, wide base and overall shape.
  14. I have both and love both -- but I'd say get the Artsy!! It's new and edgy. Galliera is so poplar now that you see them everywhere.
  15. Galliera!!! Much more comfy.