I need a remote for my remote

  1. I cannot find my remote and it's killing me. I'm about to go to bed and I won't be able to turn the tv off from the bed without it. I'm ripping my room apart to find this stupid remote. Does anyone else have this problem? Have you learned the magic answer to the disappearing remote?
  2. I'd like to hear a solution for this one. I hate losing the remote and it happens 2 or 3 times a night in my house. It gets lost the first time b/w changing pjs and bedtime stories etc. Then hubby rolls over on it at least once a night b/c he hogs it in his hand until he falls asleep. :wacko: Then I have to search for it again.

    elongreach-I did you find it yet?. Do you ever wonder what people did without modern conveniences. There was a time when tvs didn't have remotes:amazed: and who out there remembers rabbit ears???
  3. Nope I haven't found it. I think my BF moved it just to spite me. I have a spare because I found the spare after I bought another remote, but I can't even find that! Now I'm going to go spend another 10 bucks on a remote and find both remotes after I buy it.
  4. no whats worse is if you loose your remote and you can't turn the tv on or change the channel. My son hides it so he can watch Nicklodean
    and cartoons 24-7. We own 100 tv's in this house and its like that on all of them. Hum...........!
  5. elongreach :roflmfao: losing the remote never happens at my place... i'm SO sorry this has happened to you... i guess it would feel like the world is ending... almost! i know its not funny, i shouldnt laugh... SORRY!!! :shame:
    i hope you found the remote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. my mom came up with the best solution for the remote problem...but it's a little ghetto. :smile:

    take a piece of ribbon or string and put it underneath the battery cover (tie a knot at the end so it won't come out then tape the cover with duct or packing tape). cut the string long enough so that it can be used from all concievable remote positions and tie it to the nightstand, coffeetable leg, bed post, etc. i have seriously not lost a remote in my bedroom since. it's a little harder in the livingroom because the string needs to be so long and there are usually more remotes.

    i baby sat for a family once that had velcroed all their livingroom remotes (there were like five) to a small cutting board. that worked really well too.
  7. ^^^^^^
    I had a friend in college who velcroed hers to her nightstand. Lol... which is all fine and dandy if you remember to put it back to on the velcro though. But it worked for her. Mine is usually somewhere under the depths of my bed or my covers hehee we need something like this for the remotes: Brookstone: Smart Find™ Key Tracker
  8. Maybe I can tape it to my remote. That could help. As long as I don't lose the tracker.

    I found my remote by the way. Of course I had a terrible night sleep because I slept with the TV on all night.

  9. hahaha, i see your son is a cleaver little kid.