i need a Panda Cles !

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  1. A bunch of panda seems to be shipped in the US but it's completly sold out in Europe.

    *there's no buying/selling/trading here. IT's a bannable offense :yes:

  2. yes, i compare with others, the print on the back is not right
  3. sorry, but it looks a bit off. search the forums for other people with pandas and check out how deep the panda imprint is and what the back is supposed to look like.
  4. terrible Fake :yucky: :yucky: :yucky:
  5. The Print on the back of the e-bay one looks exactly like mine which I bought myself at the boutique but the eyes of my panda are way more detailed than of the one's in the auction so I'd say missing love for detail is a dead giveaway for a fake...
  6. If all else fails, try Karen Kooper...
  7. still a few left in New Zealand..
  8. we bought the last??????:shrugs:
  9. not sure..may be 2 more in chch
  10. :yes: she has great service! that panda cles on ebay is gross!