I met a PFer today!!

  1. I was shopping with my friend today at Louis Vuitton, she was buying a damier speedy 30 (sooo cute). The SA was super nice and thought I knew a lot about the bags, maybe she was a bit surprised. There's been issues with that bag's lining and I learned about it on the forum.

    She finally asked if I got my info online and I said yes and asked if I was a PF member!! It was great, then she told me another SA was also a member. We all had a good laugh over it. tPF bringing people together all over the world!

    Now I'm convinced, we're just nicer people than your average purse collector!
  2. hehehe, sounds fun.. i am glad that you guys had a good time at the store, and to talk to another tpf member who works at LV and be helped by kind ppl, that is so cool..
  3. So cool. :yes:
  4. That is so neat!
  5. haha That's awesome!!

    Its like a super secrety club! hahaha
  6. I agree whole-heartedly with the last comment! How fun that you got to meet them! Hooray for the PF!:yahoo:
  7. This is just awesome! :smile: tPFers are popping up everywhere!
  8. Wow that's cool, I would love to run into a pf'er.
  9. Me too! There are a lot of TPFers in Calgary, I hope I'll meet them someday! :yes:
  10. That's so cool! :smile:
  11. LOL What a fun story!!
  12. How neat!
  13. Neat! Now I wonder who it is!! :graucho:
  14. That is so awesome!
  15. Thats so cool :smile:
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