I meet ....

  1. Not sure if you all know who Jack Hanna is but I meet him today ( i did not know who he was until I started this new job 2 weeks ago) very serious individual - can you believe he was wearing this type of safari outfit to an executive meeting - where every1 was wearing either a suit or dress buisness casual, and from what I was told he always wears that!!!:hrmm: - how strange!!! whatever makes him feel comfy, I guess:p
  2. I love Jack Hanna!!!
  3. Haha! That's cool! :biggrin:
  4. I always enjoy his animal visits on tv. Animals, zoos, etc. have been his life--wearing the type of clothing you described makes sense for him.
  5. well i was told hes always traveling so i guess he just wants to be comfy. he pretty much rush out of here once the meeting was over, but hes pretty cool, I will see him again in 3 months, maybe hell bring a tiger or a lion to the office... lol
  6. that would be so fun! i love it whenever he's on david letterman

  7. Jack was the executive director of the Columbus Zoo and is a passionate wildlife conservationist. You can learn more about Jack at:

  8. Your so lucky I have always looked up to him and all the work he get's to do with animals!
  9. i like him!!!
    i just went to the zoo today too!!!
  10. just thought i would share my zoo pictures with you all!!!



    i just love the zoo...and learning about animals...
    i wish i met Jack!!!!!
  11. I saw him on Larry King once, I really like him.
    Nice pics, Caroline. giraffes are one of my favorite animals.
  12. I think I saw that Larry King show, too! I think Larry's wife and children were there watching the animals too. It was hilarious! I love that guy.
    Carol - thanks for sharing the photos!

  13. He still is!!
  14. Are in you Columbus??

    Jack Hanna is an amazing man.. really made a great Zoo here in columbus :tup:
  15. No Im not - I meet him at my new job. He is a member of our board of directors.