I may not Look Like Gweneth but...

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  1. congrats barms! it looks great on you! :yes:
  2. beautiful bag! (and you are way more fabulous than GOOP).
  3. I love love love the shape of your bag i haven't seen that one before but now I have I will be stalking it:graucho:
  4. what are you talking about? you're cooler than gwyneth! i hate her and her dumb goop newsletter. this bag is awesome now that you have it. congrats!
  5. That is such a beauty! And you look perfect for each other....=)
    Anyone knows what style/season that is? I think I'm gonna go find one for me too....
  6. love it!
  7. wow ... i love this bag .... congrats barms :smile:
  8. It's beautiful BAM, very classic and casual, great modeling pictures
  9. Very nice! I havn't seen that style before. Congrats!
  10. im new in the mj forum, but this bag looks amazing!!!!
  11. i was thinking the exact same thing!

    btw, cute new bag :biggrin:
  12. may I request a guts picture? I'm curious to see how much this thing holds.

  13. I didnt take everything out to show how much fit in here but i will do that for you later today, heres one I took a few days ago...

  14. I should probably start thinking about doing this, but everytime I get extra cash the first thing I think about is another bag, never fixing my tattoo.
  15. Gorgeous bag! I don't post that often in the MJ forum, but had to comment on this bag. I remember the bag from Iron Man. It looks great on you and I honestly mean it when I say you look better carrying it then GP. Hope you score the ivory one too some day!