I may not Look Like Gweneth but...

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  1. Yes Ma'm june Suede Lining!

  2. Thanks Pm! My husband just cant compete with ya'lls flattery;)
  3. Super cute, Barms! Classic bag to the max - I bet it'll be one of the ones that you grab without thinking every time. And duh, you look exactly like Gwyneth! ;)
  4. soo pretty barms!!

  5. Rachie, no way!! But dont let that stop you from sayin it:biggrin:;)

    Thanks MM!
  6. HOT!!! Seriously, it looks so good on you!!!
  7. so cute, barms! the bag's not bad either! :P
  8. Barms - looks great on you, it's one strap, right? Those are the easiest to carry, IMO. Gweneth has nothing on you!
  9. Looks great on you!

  10. Hey thanks! you really are sweet.. tart! :biggrin:
  11. ^ i'm lame!! i had to re-read that like 2x :Push: hahaha
  12. If anyone knows hot, its you.. so I'll take your word for it
  13. tired of receiving so many compliments yet? too bad...here's one more! :yahoo:

    love the bag on you! the black leather with brown suede lining is gorgeous!
  14. wow you DO look like gwyneth, great bag
  15. That bag is awesome! I love the black and gold combo too and you will be an original walking around with that bag! Thanks for sharing barms!!!