I may have to give up Annie :(

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  1. I really think she is just too heavy for me. :sad: I've been carrying her since the day I got her and my back and sides are just killing me. I have back problems as it is, and a heavy bag like that isn't going to help. I think I may go with more fabric bags over leather because they are typically lighter.

    She is so pretty, though, but I'd hate for her just to sit in my closet after having spent all of that money on her. I've worn her so I wont be able to return her now. What do you think I should do, ladies?:crybaby:
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    Sorry to hear that Annie wouldn't work!
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    Lynne :biggrin:
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    I think you just got caught up in the rush of everyone telling you to get her!The Annie is a nice bag, but seems to me she is too heavy and a very large bag..So on that note, get what YOU want. No matter what bag it is.You have to make sure you are Happy with the choice, not all of us...Did you keep the tags on her????Anyhow, let us know and Good Luck!:smile: xxxNot allowed
  4. Since I've worn her I cut the tag off -- I still have it, though.

    She's so pretty and I love the style of her, but the weight is just causing me too much pain. :sad: Gotta love being 26 years old and falling apart! LOL
  5. Some bags just don't work for everyone...it unfortunate, but it's also part of life.

    I wouldn't try to return it--it's been used. But if it's really not for you perhaps you could find it a good home.

    Maybe a basic Maggie would be a good alternative? Same capacity and whatnot...just not as embellished.
  6. Yeah, I think I got more caught up in the awesome deal than anything.

    I do like the regular Maggies, too. I don't think my boutique had any of the large ones out though last time I was in there, so I can't compare weight. I'm sure they are much lighter, though!
  7. 'core' exercises!! Does wonders for the back! I've got degenerative and bulging discs. I wouldn't of believed it until I tried it.
  8. Aww that's too bad. Best of luck finding a bag you LOVE.
  9. If she is not for you do not get her...
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    I have had the same problems with bags in the past. After a serious car accident I have had to sell most of my heavier leather bags on e bay and buy only lighter material ie no leather! I do miss them but my back and shoulders don't! There are many fine bags in the lighter material, xxxnot allowed
  11. Which bag is Annie?
  12. [​IMG]

    On the left. She's IIRC a Large Maggie that's been really dressed up, and made out of a metallic gunmetal leather.
  13. This is why I had to get rid of my Chelsea Abbey. I miss that bag sooo much though!!
  14. i think you sould have come home with ikat you really liked her..i always think to myself is this what I want not is it limited will the people go nuts on the street and in the coach stores seeing it..it has to be all about what you love
  15. I think I get overwhelmed still in the Coach stores lol. All of it is still so new to me!

    I'm sure I'll miss her when she is gone, but like someone else said earlier -- My back wont! LOL.

    It's going to be a hard decision to get rid of her, but all of this pain ain't worth a gigantic sparkly bag, yanno? I can always get a smaller sparkly bag...
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