I made this for my boyfriend

  1. I was excited to show you all, its 14 gauge rings in byzantine. Boy do my hands still hurt and its 2 days later. :wlae:
  2. That is gorgeous! I can't imagine how your hands hurt! Does he know about it or is it a surprise? Wow, he's gonna love it!!!
  3. he knows i made it for him to wear to a wedding we are going but he was skeptical until he saw the pic. he is gonna come over and try it on and im gonna make adjustments for him. Hes got a big neck so i think i need to add more rings ugh.
  4. Wow that pretty cool and I agree ^^ your hands must be close to falling off. when are you going to give it to him?
  5. how did you make it I really like it! i want to be able to make one myself.
  6. im going to give it to him saturday if i can make it long enough by then so we can wear it when we go out.

    I got the rings on the www.theringlord.com and there is forum there about chainmaile.
  7. Wow! That's awesome. Very talented!
  8. WoWSERS.. thats awesome!!! You did a great job! :tup:
  9. very nice!
  10. wow! you're very talented! great job. making jewelry is fun, and yours looks very professional.
  11. Thats definately all man!!!! I hope he loves it and appreciates all the work you put into it. You are very talented.

    ps. My guy would die under all that weight. Im imagining that your guy is pretty built!!!!
  12. wow, you are so good!
  13. Very impressive!!! The necklace looks great!
  14. Wow, you're very talented! It's beautiful!
  15. that is one beautiful necklace! he is so lucky to have someone that made something like that for him. have you made anything else for him? well, i'm sure your sore hands will be worth it for him b/c he'll come back at you and give you a special treat ;)