I made a BIG mistake :(

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  1. #1 Jan 15, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2009

    Ughhh its all my fault and i know it.
    I dyed my hair.....i tried to do black on bottom and Garnier Cocoa Bean on top. Well...seemed like a fantastic idea. Now i have like reddish hair near the roots...a bit darker red/brown in the middle...and black underneath.
    I hate this.

    My question is....can i go to a salon and get my hair colored or is it too early? (I have black eyebrows...fair skin tone and was thinking that i'd like some shade of brown...dark brown.) you see i want to be able to do it at home, myself. So what color should i tell a stylist that i could do at ome as well and what brand/color do i get?!
    I wont make another mistake on dying my hair if i can get answers, ya know what i mean? I just want like a brown that isnt quite black...i can do at home after going to salon (what color do i tell stylist)and it wont come out a mess (what brand/color)
    My goodness.

    Thank you all for your input/reading my post.


    Well this color is cute and wouldnt look bad with my skin i suppose but is it highlighted?
  2. You might have to have it stripped. I had this done when I dyed my hair black. Normally they will strip it of the color and then have to re dye it. good luck!
  3. I agree. Make an appointment with a colorist ASAP, and discuss your options. If you have to wait, they will tell you, but it sounds like they can strip the color and re-do it. Make sure you get some deep conditioning done.
  4. If the salon strips the color using a color remover (instead of bleaching the color out of it), you won't really have much damage. And putting a dark color on after that also shouldn't damage your hair. But Giraffe is right - I'd still do some deep conditioning after, just to be safe. Don't freak out - just have a colorist help you! Good luck!
  5. When I was in my early 20's this happened to me more than once! Stay calm....a colorist will sort it out for you!! In the mean time, find a great looking hat~! :smile:
  6. I agree w/ everyone else! Just call your salon and tell them you need color correction. They'll be able to fix it :yes:
  7. I had my hair stripped when I used an at home color to color my hair black. Just be prepared for the sticker shock! My session ended up costing $400 and it took about 4 hours from start to finish.

    I have an espresso brown in my hair right now, and it looks black indoors and has beautiful brown and red tinges in the sun. I use an at home kit by Loreal Feria in Espresso- maybe you can check it out and see if it would work for you. If it does, just bring the box to your colorist appointment and tell her that's the color you want.
  8. Did you try washing your hair with clarfying shampoo like 5 or 6 times in a row ? this should strip some color out of your hair ? I have screwed my hair up more than once and this help tone the color down
  9. I agree with making an appointment with a colorist ASAP.

    I'm sorry this happend and I can feel your pain.

    I have platinum blonde dyed hair and had the bright idea of making it black, I mean black underneth.

    Well I asked my colorist to go a little higher on my head and the results were terrible! :crybaby:

    I didn't help that DH ( jokingly but still..) said I looked like I was from the future!! :wtf:

    I looked like a skunk since the blonde was above my ears, it looked like a stripe and then jet black underneth up high..oh it was bad.

    My colorist was able to get the black out without damaging my hair and I now have dark chocolate brown hair and platinum and it looks sooo much better!
  10. I origanally wanted my hair blonde on top and brown underneath. that look is h-o-t! :drool: I want that so bad, but with my black eyebrows, fair skin tone and freckled nose i dont think it would look so slammin on me! Anywho, now that DH and i have a new house....i have to say bye bye to my salon visits. :crybaby: That's the main reason i decided to try the dye at home thing. Save LOTS of money if i could do it at home. Now look where i am. I look like trash, 100% TRASH AND I'm going to have to pay something like $400.00 to fix it! WTF?! There is no such thing as dying over it and then deep conditioning? (By the way does salon do this or can i? if so, with what products?)

    Can y'all tell im a hair newbie?!
  11. I would find a semi permant color , one that does not lift any color , its just deposits the color on your hair and try to find a color that is some where between the root color and the end color - try one of the ones you can find at the drug store - it should say something like color enhancing or something to that effect on the box a color that will gradually fade out , and try it on a patch in the back of your hair ( Don't mix all of the product , just enough to test it on your hair ) , see how you like the color and then decide if you want to do this to your entire hair ,the color is probaly going to fade but it should even your hair color out
    I have made more than a few mistakes with my hair and this is always my back up plan , dye it back to a color that looks semi natural
    After ward deep condition like a crazy person
  12. What color were you before you colored it?

    If you really want to do it at home, you can try this...

    Buy a box of Color Oops. You can find it at Walgreens for about $13, I think. It's in a red and white box. Then buy a box of color that is a few shades LIGHTER than your ideal color. (Right now, I would probably just settle for a brown color, rather than trying to go black on the bottom!)

    Use the Color Oops as directed on the box, but monitor your hair VERY closely while it's on your head. You will most likely come out with a color that is (maybe substantially) lighter than the color you were before you colored it. But Color Oops WILL remove the color you just put in. You may not need to leave it as long as recommended on the box, so be sure to watch your hair carefully.

    Your hair will be very pourous, so you'll have to be cautious for the next FEW times you color it after using Color Oops.

    Then color your hair with the shade you just bought (it really will need to be several shades lighter than your desired color). Watch the color VERY carefully while it's on your head. It's VERY likely that the ends (especially if they have been colored before) will grab the new color very intensely. For that reason, you should probably start at the roots, and then comb the color through to the ends during the last 5-10 minutes of your color waiting time. I would only leave it for half the time recommended (maybe even less). You can always go over it again if your final result isn't dark enough. And going back over your current color with a darker color will damage your hair less than having to pull the color out again.

    Hope that helps! But seriously, be really careful to watch both the ends and the roots!

    Also, you'll want to pick up some deep conditioner, or even a hair mask. Use that regularly for a while - a couple of times/week, if possible.
  13. What type of hair colour did you use? Demi/Semi/permananent?

    Go to a colorist ASAP and tell them exactly what you used.
  14. I used perm. hair color. I thought it would color my hair evenly for heavens sake! Shesh.
    Before the coloring i had bmy natural color hair (light brown) w/ blonde higlights. A few brown highlights as well..kinda bronze colored. THAT is most likely why my hair came out this way huh? Ughhh im a jerk!
    Thank you guys so much for the input. Im really scared to try and remove the color myself. Im nervous it will come out crazy looking! IM A MESS!
    Also, if i decide to use the color oops thing...i use a perm. dye right after? On entire head...on the black and all?!

    Oh and get this, i ask DH how it looks...honestly. He SWEARS he likes it. Fickin MEN!
  15. ^^^ Yeah, men are funny sometimes. I had a bad color experience once, where my red hair went BLACK. I mean black. This is how I discovered Color Oops, by the way. Anyway, hubby still asks now and then when he will get to sleep with "that sexy black haired chick" again.