I love you ladies!

  1. So,as I hae mentioned previously, i got back into Lesportsac recently and missed out on a few prints.

    The one I was most upset on missing out on was the L'amore print. I LOVE that one. There had been a few on eBay but nothing that i kept losing out on them.

    well, thanks to your posts I found out that the hawaii boutiques got lamore in! My brother lives in Hawaii and works 10 doors down from a lesportsac store.

    Well, i just called and they have l'amore caramellas in and I am going to send my borther there the next time he is at work!

    Thanks so much!!!!

  2. Congrats!!! You'll love it!! I :heart: my L'Amore caramella!!
  3. I'm glad you found your stuff..but be prepared to pay our retail prices lolz.
  4. I have two L'Amore caramella and I can't let one go, Caramella are super cute and super hard to find esp in L'Amore! :smile:
  5. Oh, I want a L'amore Caramella! Which store? Ala Moana? I wan to call and get one.
  6. Jess-It is worth it to me to pay the additional amount. I mean I get what I want without having to fight the other ebayers.

    Molique-Yes that Ala Moana store. I know there are other stores there but I couldn't begin to tell yuo where they were located.
    I hope he is going today to get it!

  7. Thanks Lara, I'll call today and see if I can get one! :yes:
  8. I :heart::heart::heart: the L'Amore caramella!! Good luck ladies...I hope you're able to score yours!!! I was lucky enough to get 2 from Pulse and 1 from Azalea. I only have 1 that's mine now and of course my bf has 1 and I gave the third to my mom!! We share the love around here!! :rolleyes:
  9. Congrats! Caramellas were something I was never into until recently when I got an Olive Camo PG caramella on eBay for $40. It spurred me to get one in Citta as well and I found a Black Camo PG Carmellina recently that I added to my collection.
  10. I absolutely :heart::heart::heart:caramellas. I have one in just about every print. I think I'm missing original and inferno. Plus I always feel like they're great if you don't get anything else in the print at least you have a little something. That never really happened for me :rolleyes: but I always say I'll just get a caramella in the print and no bag and then somehow I end up with both. :nuts:
  11. The caramella is perfect in my mind (i have one in inferno and use ti ALL the time). It can fucntion as a clutch or a make up case or whatever. My brother said he will go today and get me one. I can't wait for it!

  12. was he able to get it for you?
  13. murderotica- yes he was! It shoudl eb coming via the us mail system next week. It's a toki kind of month!

    I may need to get more caramellas.