I love this bag but....

  1. it will be a little while before I can justify getting another bag. Is it pretty new? Do you think it will be discontinued with the new stuff coming out or is it really really popular? Plus I am wondering how well it goes with stuff (different colors)? Oh and it would be the first leather coach I got.
  2. When it sells out the only place to get it will be eBay. The new satchesl are different and in different colors. I sure would get one now, with PCE discount.

    I got mine on eBay, during the last PCE. Got it for less than the PCE price from a new seller who was clueless about setting prices.

  3. How come im never that lucky? LOL!

    I LOOOOOVE that bag
  4. I just spend too much looking at ebay to keep me from listing stuff I need to sell. I found it by accident. I think I paid like $420 plus shipping.
  5. I absolutely love the bag! I think it would be a really good bold piece to an outfit if you choose to get the blue. I think it looks great.

    If you have the PCE card, you should definitely consider it.
  6. I have the pond shoulder bag and i'm always amazed with how much it goes with. I find i have been wearing it more than my Whiskey Ali this summer. It just goes so well with so many summer colours. It's one of my favourite colours ever and i just love love love it!

    I'd definitely suggest snagging it. I don't think they made a ton of them and I have a feeling that if they make it to the outlet, they'll be gone in a split second.
  7. Here is my Pond Legacy Satchel, this pic gives you a better sense of the true color, I looove her:smile:
  8. LOVE that color. I also have the pond shoulder bag and it matches everything - literally. Go for it!
  9. I would get it now if you want it. Hard to say how many more are left. Love the color!
  10. Man, that seller's pics don't do that bag justice....

    Pond has been extremely popular, and I'm guessing it's going to sell out. It looks so versatile--if you're thinking about it, I'd get it during PCE to save some serious money...you can always return it if it doesn't work out.
  11. I agree - the color is wonderful. I have the shoulder version. One thing to keep in mind is that the satchel is a heavier bag to carry because of the hardware.