I Love The Polka Dot Fleurs "Morgane"!!!PICs!

  1. I just saw this on the LV site .. i love it! what do you think?

    Polka Dot Fleurs "Morgane"

  2. Hummm. Not sure about this one. I think I might prefer the Polka Dot in a smaller dose, like a Pochette or something. Even then, I'm not really a fan, although it might grow on me!
  3. It's too much IMO. I saw it in person and yikes. Actually anything from the Polka Dot line was "yikes" to me.
    But if you like it, that's your thing!
  4. i wish they had more purses in this design! Both piece that i saw seem to be pretty large though ...
  5. Looks cute and fun.
  6. Oh also I forgot to mention, having this as a shoulder bag might be a little hard because if your hair is long, it'll DEFINITELY get stuck on those button-y things lol. (Believe me, I know :push:smile:
  7. ok ... well i love it ... i don't know if i would buy it though ... my hair is short though .... i bet the chain strap would hurt alittle if it were too heavy .. OUCH
  8. i love it. saw it in elle acces. magazine on a asian model, looks fabulous!
  9. Lol or if you're wearing a tank top or something with thin straps :p
  10. Chain straps kill my shoulders...other than that the buttons are adorable.
  11. Woow...lovely piece of eye candy..can't say it's too practical though..
  12. Not my cup of tea.
  13. I thought it looked ok on the runway, but after seeing it in person I had a change of mind. :s
  14. I am tempted to buy The Polka Dot Fleurs "Viviane" but am going to purchase a Le Fabuleux first.
  15. Hmmm .... I don't really like it. :shrugs:

    There is way too much going on for me. :p