I love the new smilies!!

  1. they are so cute :love: , especially :roflmfao: , now I can express how I really feel when something is hilarious..
  2. :yes: Indeed! Hooray!:yahoo:

    It looks like there are even a few additions from a couple of hours ago, behold, the Ninja!:lol: ......:ninja:
  3. I love the eyebrows on this new smiley -------> :nuts: and :graucho:

    I have to get used to this new one... :roflmfao:

    But I liked this one better when it had red cheeks :shame:

  4. hahahahahah the ninja is too cute..
  5. :noggin:Me too! I just realize we have more smilies! :yahoo:
  6. ...and a bedeviled smiley...:devil:
  7. Yes, these are soo cute!!:angel: this one is super funny but I don't know when I'd use it...I'm never that good!
  8. So cute! I didn't even notice until I saw this post!

  9. i gotta agree! I love them too and just noticed them while posting in another thread. ;)
  10. yeah i noticed the new smilies - they're cute! :angel:
  11. :king: - smiley designated for Vlad
    :rochard:-smiley designated for the PF: it definitely ROCKS~!
  12. These are my favorites,:yahoo: :roflmfao: :whistle: :graucho: :yucky: .
  13. :love:oooh!!!!!!!!!!
    WOW, NEW SMILES!:flowers:
    :roflmfao: :graucho:
  14. :heart:Yes I am addicted

    My faves :graucho::flowers::yahoo::whistle::rochard::biguns:
    Now just have to find a way to always use them :roflmfao:
  15. Yeah i love them :biggrin: