I LOVE my UPS GUY!!!! Look What I got today!!!

  1. Yes I was a BAD girl.:graucho:
    I bought this Chanel Tote on eBay (the seller was SO NICE) and it came today I LOVE IT:P

    I also received my first 1st B-bag this morning:P
    I have 1 more chanel coming..the pochette in beige
    Thank You for letting me share...

    I really need to be good but I WANT MORE:shame:
  2. YAY! Great purchases, they are both gorgeous! :heart: I love that Chanel tote.
  3. They're both absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations on both of your purchases!
  4. Thank You ..I don't own a tote and this size is perfect and also fits alot ...I think the seller said she used it 3 times..To be honest it looks and SMELLS brand new..You can NOT tell it was used..YEAH!!! for me LOL
    and the SMELL of the B-bag is to die 4...OMG !!!
  5. This has been a 4-star day for you!
  6. MAN! Someone had a good day! You have great taste in bags! I already commented on the B-bag (your other thread). And again, I LOVE that color! I also love the Chanel! GREAT choice!
  7. :yes: LOL
    I can't wait to see your bag..It should be here tomorrow or friday right???

    Thanks Print Model ...Today was good ..I guess that means I have to be good for awhile....(MAYBE) LOL
  8. Congrats, VipStyle, they're beautiful! Please post pics of the pochette as soon as you receive it!
  9. LOVE them!!!! I love the color of your B-bag!!!!! *LOVE* Congrats!!!!!
  10. oh I love it! The beige is so gorgeous! Is that the one someone posted on the pf as a good deal?
  11. Congrats, VipStyle! Those bags are absolutely gorgeous! Enjoy them!
  12. Not sure Show me the thread if you can and I will let you know....It was a good deal for me since the auction ended and I offered her a much
    lower price ;)

    and yes the B-Bag color is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!
    I LOVE it Now!!! Not crazy at 1st but now it is LOVE
  13. Yay!! How exciting!!! Fabulous choices!!!!! :love: :love: :love:
  14. Very pretty - Enjoy!!!
  15. So cute ;)
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