I love my Tiffany's SA for FREE service and NEW RING!!!

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  1. Had purchased our E-ring in April and apparently one of the perks to that is complimentary cleaning, refills and engraving for life for all your past and future purchases at Tiffany's!!

    Okay, so I figured since my e-ring needs cleaning, why don't I bring ALL and I mean all my silver, pearls and diamond jewelry for cleaning! (I called and my SA said, bring it all!)
    I also brought my mom's and my bff's silver, heyy, why not, I live 45 min. away with traffic. She was so lovely, gave us tons of Tiffany bottled water and mints while we waited..We came back in 4 hours and all was done, even got replacement batts and band for my mom's watch..some of that stuff we purchased over 5 years ago including some pen refills!! She was even able to replace my Frank Ghery wooden ring like she promised before, with a NEW one!! NO CHARGE! I cracked it from washing dishes before and it was my fault- but I now have a new one- woohoo. All the cleaning and refills would have cost us over $150 plus a new Ghery ring ($350)!!!! Great day today!:yahoo:
  2. Wow,so good to hear when people have been well treated!! Sounds like you have made a freind for life in that SA! Well done!
  3. Aww how cute of her!
    I love sa's that are so kind like yours. But then again you can get the mean ones that just can't be screwed to do anything!

    Anyway, congratulations!:nuts:

  4. Wow!! thats amazing! I know i had a silver bracelet and necklace cleaned and engraved recently and it was almost $100!
  5. Wow!!! How lucky!! I wish I could get free cleaning for my Tiffanys items!
  6. What great service!
    GLad you got all that stuff cleaned, I bet everything is so shiny!
  7. what awesome service!!!
  8. I'm glad you had such a great experience ! :graucho:
  9. Now that's what I call good service!
  10. Tiffany's has WONDERFUL customer service. Love them!
  11. Email the CEO of Tiffany and compliment this special SA. I do it all the time for excellent service. You wouldn't believe how appreciative they are!
    Sorry...just saw this was an OLD post :shocked:
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  12. That's so lovely to read, thank you for sharing your story!
  13. Awesome!
  14. Thanks for this info
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