I love my new twiggy

  1. The UPS driver somehow managed to make it up our deeply snow covered driveway yesterday. I gave him a quick "thanks", but could have hugged the stuffin' out of him. Ran into the house and swiftly opened the box......:wlae: :yahoo: :yahoo: :wlae: :love: :love: . My jaw dropped.....the french blue color and the smooshy soft leather is just awesome. It really is a color that makes you smile when you look at it. Here are a couple pics.


    IMG_3814_small.jpg IMG_3817_small.jpg
  2. Amazing! Congrats
  3. Beautiful! I love the twiggy in the bright colors! Congratulations!
  4. Very nice! Congrats!
  5. opnjmprscongrats!!! it's a stunning colour alright :yahoo:
    modelling it for us :party:
  6. :yahoo: Congratulations:yahoo:

    Don't let her play in the snow:nuts:
  7. French blue is such a striking color - you'll truly stand out in a crowd! Congrats on getting it - especially given the horrendous weather!
  8. Wow!!! Lots of French blue being snapped up!! I can see why! It's a gorgeous colour!! Congrats!:drool:
  9. The leather and color are gorgeous!!!! Congrats!
  10. Sure is a stunning color. I too prefer Twiggies in colors that pop. Congrats. It's perfection!
  11. What a pretty color!
  12. oooh! I want that!
    congratulations to you!
  13. I love the twiggy in that color. Really amazing.
  14. Pretty color and good choice in Twiggy. :yes: Congrats:yahoo:
  15. :heart: LOVE IT:heart: