I love my new bag...

  1. Finally after 3 months of waiting my first LV is home...Yesterday was my 30th birthday, and after a bit of saving and receiving money for my birthday, I purchased the gorgeous Damier Duomo (and a maching Damier Clès...had to have that as well) :yahoo: :yahoo:
    I was so nervous and exited at the same time, and when the SA showed me the bag I was like WOW :nuts::heart: :drool: :love: ... This bag looks so stunning! It's everything I expected it to be and better. It's the perfect colour, size and everything... just like a little piece of art.
    I've always liked LV, but when you see/touch them irl, it really makes sense to me that we all are so obsessed on LV.

    The best part is that my BF also really likes the Duomo & LV very much, and started to suggest what bag to get next...so funny...! We both really liked the Speedy 30 (25 was too small for me) and Papillon 30.
    So...starting to save up for the next one, two or...:lol:

    Here's a pic of the new "baby" ;)
  2. that's a gorgeous bag! congrats, and happy belated birthday!
  3. OMG!!!! I absolutely love it!!! Congratulations....I think you made a great choice, it's so classy and timeless and you will have it forever!!! Awesome!! :smile:
  4. She is sooo pretty!
  5. what an awesome shape! I love it, its different!! congrats!
  6. Great bag! Congrats and enjoy!
  7. Congrats..happy belated birthday!!!

    Love duomo..the lining is TDF!!!
  8. sigh*:love: very beautiful
  9. Congrats!!! :yahoo:
    Damier Duomo is really gorgeous bag :yes:
    I also love her and want one as well :drool:
    Enjoy your time with your new fab baby, Nikki :party:
  10. sooo pretty!!..

  11. so pretty! congrats!:love:
  12. Lovely bag! Congrats! and Happy Birthday!!! :flowers:
  13. Congrats on the gorgeous bag and Happy Belated Birthday! :yahoo:
  14. Congratulations, and it is very nice.
  15. congrats
    what a lovely bag...enjoy
    and happybirthday