I love my mommy! She went to MOCA for me!

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  1. So I've been talking to my mom nonstop about MOCA and how I wish I could go see the stuff...I'm originally from Southern California, but I go to college in Massachusetts. So this morning she went down to MOCA for me! And she bought me the Neverfull MM and the Mono agenda (I didn't particularly want an agenda, but she loved the little mushroom guy and ended up getting it!). I'm soooooo happy and I have the sweetest mom EVER! Ahhhhhhh, I'm so excited! But I still have to wait another 2 weeks to see them till I go home for Thanksgiving....:crybaby: Still, I'm so happy and I can't believe she did that for me! :yahoo:
  2. aww how sweet...maybe u should get her a lil something and a thank you card ;)
  3. ^Yea, I'm DEFINITELY going to get her something...I know she's had her eye on a denim Baggy PM, so maybe I'll get her that!
  4. aww you're so lucky! i wanna go to MOCA so bad! hopefully i'll go within a month and they'll still have the stuff that i want..
  5. Oh what a sweet mom you have!! She must really love you! Give her a BIG hug!!!!
  6. So lucky!
  7. That is so sweet:heart:
  8. Aw, that was so nice of your mom! Enjoy your bag!
  9. That's so great! Aren't Moms the best! You are so lucky ... please don't forget that and always remember all the sacrifices and unconditional love your Mom gives you ... congrats! I am so happy for you!:tender:
  10. That's so sweet of her! Now you have the joy of seeing your family in 2 weeks, PLUS getting your LE LV! :smile:
  11. Congrats !!!
    Your Mom is a real doll !
    I wish my Mom could buy me something from Moca...but she lives on Côte d'Azur...
  12. Congrats!!! you have a wonderful mom..
    It will be worth the wait..
  13. Great story! Thanks for sharing and CONGRATS on your new LE items!!!
  14. That is sooo sweet of your Mom! You're very lucky! Congrats on your new stuff!
  15. How sweet of your mom!! That was very thoughtful of her. =)