I love my Dooneys...

  1. My first 'designer' bag was a Dooney, and I purchased a few more over some time. Then I found tPF and started browsing around, and visited the LV forum a lot.

    I ended up buying two speedies..first the damier and then the mono...I wore my damier around, tried to be comfortable with it - and then I got the mono which I looked at in daylight today (I'm returning that one because it has a scratch on the vachetta).

    And the weird thing is -- I love my Dooney! I didn't get much of a feeling for the mono or damier prints because in sunlight they just seem to be - yellow!! So that means about three quarters of LV styles are now inaccessible just because I don't like yellow! I like the style of the speedy, but the colors of the canvas just don't make me happy.

    The Dooney I love most is a black-on-black mini sac. I'm so sad now that I passed up a couple of AWL and alto bags which I saw at a good price just to buy my LVs. I'll probably not look at LV so much any more but buy a good bag from the Dooney Alto line.
  2. I've only seen one LV purse that I was willing to buy, but I see several Dooneys a week that I want. For my money, Dooney is more versatile, and they have so many different types of bag that it's easy to have a different look every day!
  3. Aww, merika, I was going to say that at times I feel the same way...damier/monogram can be boring, I admit. I still love the dooneys that I have, and I still spend time at Macy's/Nordstroms to look at the dooneys they have available.

    To be quite honest, there is really one true bag I want from LV at the moment...I'm kinda focusing on Burberry and D&B at the moment...:shame:
  4. I started out buying Dooney's over 10 years ago. I have 5 or 6 of them. Last year, I bought my first LV and I am addicted. I have sold a couple of my Dooney's, but still have a special place in my heart for a couple of them. My daughters love Dooney, so each of them even have a couple.
  5. I have both LV and Dooneys. I've personally always loved the LV monogram pattern since high-school (and this year is 20 years since I graduated so I finally got some LV). But I love Dooney too. I have one nice Dooney bag for work and a bunch of fun bumblebee stuff... and I keep looking at the Annalisa and some of the totes. - I don't know why people think it's a choice for those who can't afford higher end bags... obviously here's several responses from gals who have LV's but still love their Dooneys. They have classy styles, they have fun styles. They're great.
  6. I love my Alto Dooney. I recently had to sell some of my collection (divorce) and I sold some LVs, one Hermes but I kept my little red tassel tote. :yes: It is very well made and the smell of the leather is yummy! :heart: :heart: :heart: I would love to get a bigger Alto bag someday...
  7. I used to like Dooneys long ago. I had about 6 of them all together but I've since given those away to my niece long ago. I don't even think she carries them any longer (she's in college now..I gave them to her when she was probably a freshman or sophomore in high school).

    The only Dooney I still own is my the Cabriolet overnight bag/weekend tote! I really love that bag and it will stay with me forever. I always carry it for overnight business trips or weekend trips with my husband. I could see buying another of this bag only but not any others.

    My heart is with LV and Hermes :heart: but if I saw a nice bag from anyone that I truly loved I would definitely buy it. There is a great canvas and leather bag that I saw in Anthropologie that I truly like and am considering...not sure yet however. If Dooney made another bag that caught my eye--I dunno--I may get it but the LV ties are hard to break for me. I just love my LV's.

  8. I really like the style /size / canvas of the LV speedy. I wish I had more choices for speedy 25 than mono and damier (in canvas).
  9. I've literally spent thousands on Balenciaga, Chloe and LV, and I still love a good Dooney! I will always love Dooney bags!
  10. I have a Dooney Cabriolet overnight bag too! Love it.

    I started with Dooney, moved to LV, found old Kate Spades and old Coaches to love. I rotate through all my bags and love whichever is loaded up for the day.

    My newest Dooney, red Alto satchel is the bag of this day. I have a new to me Kate Spade Francie straw flap satchel waiting for her turn..........
  11. I too have spent thousands on other brands (which I do love :heart:) but Dooney makes me smile because they were the first bags I ever fell for and saved to own. I still have a few of the older ones, bought one for my mom recently and just eyed a few bright ones for myself!
  12. Gee, I LOVE my dooney's. I have a LOT. I mean like A LOT. I had a Fendi but it was stolen last week. I just got a dusty pink loc sac today, and I ordered a red sirena to come next week. My favorite feature is the dog leash key holder. I'd like to have an Italian designer someday, but I don't know if I will, I am kind of into instant gratification..
  13. I like the LV speedy size and shape, I might even buy a vintage D&B speedy like this pic from eBay:

  14. I think you need a black epi speedy. :graucho: It seems so you.
  15. Nah...never felt any love for epi...don't like the horizontal wrinkles look.