I love my black caviar jumbo, but I am still sort of pining over a black distressed

  1. or metallic flap. Does the jumbo caviar have enough punch? I am not returning it, just questioning a little. : )
  2. the jumbo caviar is a great classic to have but if you can't stop thinking of another bag that you would love MORE, then maybe return the jumbo and re-purchase it later since it'll always be around and get one of the others first? that's what i would do.
  3. I think the metallic flap has a little more "umph" to it.
  4. LOL...I'm in the exact opposite position! I have a black metallic 227 reissue that I really :love:, but I have been thinking of getting a black jumbo caviar w/ gold h/w too! I feel kind of silly about it since they are so similar, but yet feel that each has their own distinct appeal! There's a good chance you might eventually end up with both (as so may I). But if I HAD TO pick just one...i guess maybe the caviar jumbo because its an absolute classic that will always be around.
  5. If you can afford it, have both in your collection. IMO, they are totally different bags.
  6. jumbo caviar is soooo cute
  7. I was looking at both the metallic black reissue and the jumbo caviar before purchasing as well but bought the jumbo caviar in the end, mainly because the caviar bags hold up really well over time (not as delicate as lambskin) and it was cheaper than the reissue and I loved the shiny silver hardware. But that was me, buy the one you love the most!
  8. Out of all my Chanel bags, I think the jumbo caviar in black get's the most use. But if you are still dreaming of another bag, you may need to rethink your purchase.