I love LV...am I a snob.

  1. I have always loved bags and when I was younger I had tons of coach bags. I sold most of them off last winter and bought a LV a mono speedy and the matching accessories. I then bought a Large Neverfull, Azur Speedy 30, Blk Epi Speedy 30, and then a Sm. Red Epi Passy. I wanted a large tote and looked at many but had to have the Damier Saleya. I really needed a black tote and bought a cute coach one during there PCE and now I keep thinking I might need to have a LV Black Tote. The large Passy would be great for work....am I spoiled. Its amazing no matter how many bags I look at none make me smile the way the LVs do. I feel obsessed and due to my budget really have to slow down to maybe 2 bags a year. In the past its been quantity now its quality.
    I freelance for a living and my LV is the only one in the buiding. Am I am snob???
  2. NO. It's your money and if you want to spend it on bags from LV or bags from Wal-mart, that's your perogative (Bobby Brown flashback)! If you like LV, then you like LV!
  3. I love LV and I don't think I am a snob! ;)
  4. No! You're not a snob! I definitely prefer quality over quantity, and LV is the only one that does it for me! (Also, there's a Large Black Epi Passy on Let-Trade right now!) I love that bag!
  5. You're not a snob. It's just another phase of your life and you're wanting something different this time. IMO, when it comes to leather goods, it's better to have quality over quantity.
  6. I think you should love what you have...regardless of the designer.
  7. You like quality, that is all! Priorities change when you get into other responsibilities but if you can afford them, event twice a year, so be it! Enjoy!
  8. Greeeeat...now the Prerogative song is in my head! haha...but I second that!!
  9. Nope...the only thing that would make you a snob would be to carry the bags and go around spouting off about how much your bag cost. ;)
    But I know you won't do that, so enjoy your bags and don't feel bad about them!
  10. i agree with lvbabydoll, there is nothing wrong in spending what makes you happy but definitely do not flaunt how much you paid for it, its just bragging especially if no ones asking. Otherwise, enjoy and be grateful with what you can afford.
  11. not a snob at all. I never think I would like LV because i thought everyone carry fake, why should I buy something authentic and get mistaken for fake. OH well, i bought one and I'm hook ever since. I'll go broke for LV with no regret. lolz :roflmfao:
  12. Not at all! A lot of women carry LV. I don't care what others think of me....I love LV and I'll carry it anywhere.
  13. Don't say that! Your not a snob at all.

    On a side note, It doesn't matter on what bag you purchase and wear. I see snobs that carry bags from Target to snobs that carry Hermes. A bag isn't a reflection of the individual.
  14. Not true. If loving LV makes you a snob, then we are all snobs.
  15. no way.. spend the way you please as long as youre satisfied...and have food on the table :p