I love eyeshadow...but I have a problem using them.

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  1. I love eyeshadow...but I have a problem using them.

    Every time I attempt to use them to play up my eyes, my eyes tend to turn into a colorful racoon! =(

    I've tried different methods, but right now, I've just resorted to using colored mascara and different color eyeliners. (They're not bad, though! I use a very dark shade of blue and a very dark shade of green for masacra, and I use brown and reddish brown, depending on which mascara I use.)

    I have light hazel eyes (blue/green/a bit of gold), and my skin undertone is cool, but I can usually wear warm undertone colors very well as well as cool.

    Any advice? Thanks! :smile:
  2. maybe you're putting more than what's supposed to be? or maybe the colors are not right for you..
  3. Why not get a free makeup demo/lesson at your nearby department store?

    Most want you to make an appointment.

    Go there on a Saturday afternoon - you'll see people getting made up.

    If you get a demo/lesson, tip the lady $5 whether you buy any cosmetics or not. Their pay is so low.

    If you REALLY want to get an expert lesson, find a bridal makeup artist and pay her. I'm starting to look for one - it's time for a fashion update.
  4. Tap the brush/applicator before you apply to release the excess and make sure you gently press it on your eyelid, not swipe. (Because if you do, the brush will flick stray eyeshadow where you dont want it.)

    Also, using a small brush (for the right effect) with natural fibres helps.

    This is what i learned in makeup artist school.
  5. you could also experiment by yourself during your free time
  6. I think you should try the newer shawdows, that are almost transparent-chanel has a new eyeshawdow like this. Also use natural colors, that bring out your eyes. Good luck!
  7. I have exactly the same problem! Personally, I think I am just not meant for eye shawdow. No matter what I do, eye shawdow never looks right on me. I have everything perfected expect the eyeshawdow. I have blonde hair, green eyes and olive skin. Since I don't think I am meant for eye shawdow I just put a ivory shade all over my eye for a natural look.
  8. when you expierment get rid of the sponge applicators tht come with the packaging. those are horrible. Buy some brushes. Sonia Kashuk makes some decent inexpensive ones at Target and Japonesque has some great ones at Ulta that are comparable to MAC.
    start with a neutral base first, then in the "v" thats the outer corner and the crease add another color and always blend blend blend. You can always do more when ya get the hang of it. Also I would try buying a flat stiff bristle eyeliner brush and try just adding a neutral or light color to the eyes and then line them with a shadow. just dampen the brush with a bit of water not wet, just damp then dab shadow on to the eye to line it. gives a nice smokey look when used with a darker liner.
  9. Try the Almay Trio for Hazel eyes. You can find it at your drugstore for under $8.00. It has a diagram to help you figure out where to put each color and was a godsend for a beginner like me (back in the day!). They have shades for many eyecolors and it's a good start. Once you've got that one nailed, you can visit the counters! I second (or third??)the advice to use a natural brush--those little sponge-y things SUCK!