I LOVE Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder!!

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  1. OMG I recently bought a bottle of the 'white' colored HAIR POWDER and it rocks!!! It actually gives my fine hair some oooompff!!

    Anyone have any tips on how to use it?? I love playing around with it and seeing what it can do!!!:nuts: :heart: :P
  2. Spray it onto the roots, and tease the roots to give it an extra lift
  3. ^cool!! Thanks so much for the tip! :smile:
  4. I love B&B products. But that was the thing that I hated the most. I tried it when they didn't have the spray, so it's probably a little easier to apply now. But I hated the feeling that it leaves in my hair. The thing that gives me the most volume is the styling creme. :love: