I looked into the light!

  1. I was at the dentist having a root canal yesterday.

    I was in a fair bit of pain and thought, I need to distract myself by thinking about something nice.

    So I started thinking about my bag collection, and as I stared at the ceiling it dawned on me what is next for me.

    A jeans moyen baby paddy.

    I saw one last year and remember thinking "thats the cutest thing I've ever seen". :drool:

    I'm so excited.

    I feel like I now have some direction.

    Maybe its the painkillers talking. :tispy:

    If anyone hears about a jeans moyen being for sale, please let me know - I would be most appreciative.
  2. Thanks heaps! I will ask if she will post to me!

    I wonder why it didnt come up for me when I searched.

    Does anyone know if this color was only made in 06?
  3. Its a cute colour... will look lovely for summer and with Jeans in particular!

    (pls ignore the link that appears at the end of this post - its an error of somekind - pls don't click on it).
    http://***********************/288100 ;)
  4. Ouch to the root canal! At least your bag collection made you feel better! It's amazing what a beautiful bag can do - even help numb the pain? ;) Jeans moyen is a lovely colour! Definitely fabulous with denim! That eBay auction looks like an 06 based on the leather and the stitching on the lock? Don't quote me though.
  5. Adorable color, I love it :heart: Go for it, if you can...

    Few weeks ago I had opportunity to get the paddi hobo in that beautyful light blue color...I am really very very angry about myself of not taking this excellent chance to get that bag. Price was fantastic....I won't forgive myself..:crybaby:
  6. Lol - The only problem being that the root canal is costing me about the same as a new bag! :crybaby:

    I believe the defininition of tough times is being forced to sell one bag to purchase another...

  7. I think I would go through a root canal (and I've had one, so I know what they are like!) if I was promised a new Paddy for my pain :nuts:
  8. *Sigh* the bluejeans colour is so lovely. It's one of my favourite Paddy colours. It will go with so much and will make a wonderful addition to your collection, i'm sure.
  9. I am terrified of the dentist; I have a huge phobia, and going 2x a year for my cleaning is an ordeal for me. Thank goodness I have never needed a root canal (knock on wood, I would have a heart attack if I needed one!:wtf: ). I was just at the dentist last month getting my cleaning, and I was upset and scared and stressed out... and I did the same thing! I thought about bags and tried to figure out what bag I wanted to "reward" myself with next. (By the way, I ended up getting a Marc Jacobs bag I'd had my eye on later that same day.)

    Anyway, your story made me smile.:smile:

    I am so sorry about your RC, and so happy for you it's over. And definitely go for the new paddy!:heart:
  10. Eating sweets as I clicked on this thread... Now I'm looking at the gorgeous paddy to take my mind off root canals and tooth decay and sugar... :p
  11. Well I'm very much into rewarding myself when I do something I am teriffied of (perhaps in the past that has been with sweets and thus my initial problem).

    I think the fact that I have only ever seen 1 baby (mini) jeans moyen paddy on eBay (in the years I have used it), means I have my work cut out for me!
  12. You've said it alright!:drinkup:
    I had a root canal done in April exactly a year ago and no epiphany nor paddy for me:sad:
  13. yep, I agree, looking for a mini one is gonna be hard, but will be so worth it when you finally track it down.

    I love it when inspiration comes to us at the strangest time :biggrin: