I look like Bozo the clown...help!

  1. I thought I would look good with curls...I've got shoulder length thick dark brown hair. I got a perm yesterday and it looked - well, different, but nice.

    This morning I woke up and I LOOK LIKE BOZO THE CLOWN!!! My perm's gone ALL FRIZZY!!


  2. WASH IT! You aren't supposed to wash your hair right after a perm so maybe you will catch it in time (thank you Legally Blonde 2). If not, it will settle just give it time. In the mean time get some heat spray to protect your hair from damage and blow dry your hair straight.
  3. Sorry I am no help. I have not had a perm since late 80's.
  4. Merika...we are in the same boat!!

    I got a body wave yesterday, and the curls are smaller than I thought they would be. My hair looks okay today, but I didn't know how to do it. Blowdry it? Let it dry naturally?

    So I let it dry naturally, but it looked funny since I put mousse in it and 1/2 was straight and 1/2 curly...So I blowdried it and now it's a bit poofy!
  5. After you wash and condition it, try using a hair serum/sealer. There are numerous brands out there from drugstore to salon brands. A type of hair glass, gloss, sealer, defrizz serum might help.
  6. Thank you! Crystal I tried what you said this morning - had to wait for the shops to open to get some heat spray. I washed and blow dried it straight but the darn thing is already fixed.

    It looks like straight hair gone poofy, or like straightened frizzy hair...something in between!
  7. The worst thing you can do is wash your hair 48 hours after a perm, that is what my friend's husband who is a hair dresser said. If you wash the next day you mess things up really bad. Another problem I see is that there are not a lot of people getting perms in the shops and I think hair dressers are not experts in them. There are so many out there. I really hope you don't get that puff cotton hair look, because I had that about 10 years ago from a bad perm and had to get all my hair cut off. Maybe go to a good beauty supply store and see what products they recommend. Good luck, I am dealing with my own hair problem now. (bad cut).
  8. i go to hair school and deal with perms all day! mostly with little elderly ladies....if the perm is too tight or too frizzy using a medium size curling iron after your hair has dried with make you have bigger looser curls, also a heat protectant will eliminate alot of that frizz and keep your hair from curling back up! also if you have time try velcro roller when you hair is wet!