I like your Birkin...

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  1. This morning, I rolled into my local Starbucks with my Birkin and got in line with the rest of the caffeine-deprived sheep. Then something caught my eye and my heart started pounding. A lady was ordering and she had a 35 Rouge H Togo BIRKIN on the counter! I've never been this close to another Birkin carrier!!!

    She finished ordering and went to the side to wait, so as soon as I was done ordering, I approached her and said, "I like your Birkin!'

    She didn't even smile at me!!! She just grunted a little, and then I said, "I never see people with Birkins!" She eyed my Birkin a little, and just ignored me until her coffee was ready. OK, that was AWKWARD!!!!

    What would you ladies say or do if a total stranger, also carrying a birkin, came up to you and said "I like your Birkin (or whatever identical handbag that both of you were carrying)..."

    Disclaimer: If you happen to be a fellow PFer, then I apologize for having approached you so early in the morning, before your caffeine fix!!!
  2. What a snooty grouch. I'd take her Birkin and wallop her on the head.
  3. what a b***h.

    if you complemented my birkin. I would have said " thank you" and "I like your color also".
  4. lol, so would i!

    I saw my first in-real-life Birkin on the way to nyc @ a rest stop of all places, and i was carrying my Ebene Kelly. I SO wanted to say something to her, but she looked like a total grouch and i was scared of her. lol. I just Gasped and nudged DH and was like "Birkin Birkin Birkin!!!!!! omg!"

  5. I live in NYC, if I were to approach someone like that, especially a complete stranger, they may think I'm trying to mug them. So, I usually just nod and smile.
  6. so snooty! she probably thought she's the only person on earth who can afford a birkin! ouch!

    if it was me, i would smile and gracefully thank the other person and compliment her bag too, even if it's not a Hermes! grrrr!
  7. If it was me I'd be talking Hermes with you a mile a minute!!! Leathers/colors/everything! :roflmfao:
  8. What is up with that lady?!? Obviously in sore need of a caffeine fix!
  9. I should've asked her if it was real.:graucho:
  10. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  11. Jehaga, maybe she was grouchy because hers was a fake and yours is real! LOL
  12. WOW, how rude!!!!!

    1. If I had a Birkin I'd be all happy!!!!:yahoo:
    2. If someone came up to me to comment on my Birkin it would make my day!!:yes: If they said, "I like your Birkin". I'd be like.."Thank you very much...I like yours too!" "Cool, to see someone else w/ one.." then go on chatting from there..Probably enjoy my coffee even more when I left..:P

    Ahh, all this "what I'd do" LOL and I don't even have one, nor see one in the future. Oh well! :rolleyes: LOL! Was a fun dream!:yes:
  13. Same here LV. If someone carrying a Birkin said they liked my Birkin I'd probably talk to them so much they'd back away slowly thinking whoa...she's a lil too obsessed with her bag. LOL ;)
  14. WTH was up her buttocks?! How rude!!!
  15. LOL!!:roflmfao: Sadly, no one has ever commented on any of my bags..:sad: So..I'd be ESTATIC! To say the least!! But ya, that woman definitely had what I like to say: " a Corn Cob"...