i know this is a coach forum but i have a question?

  1. does juicy couture stuff appeal to you? like the ones made with velour?
  2. No..But you may want to post this in the general forum...:heart: Emmy
  3. thank you emmy
  4. thanks for moving this i dunno how to move this thread =)
  5. I actually really like the velour bags. I have a terrycloth bowler and a velour bowler and a couple of the leather ones and they're really cute bags..but they're older..the newer stuff really isn't doing it for me lately.
  6. nah they aren't for me, i dont think towel bags are worth the price.
  7. i LOVE juicy chamrs tho.... They look cute on my bbags
  8. Oh gosh..don't get me started on the charms lol..those are my FAVORITE :lol:
  9. I don't care for the velour Juicy bags...anything textured like that or suede tends to get worn down too fast for my taste. I do have a burgundy suede small Juicy purse, however but it's very understated for Juicy standards. I LOVE their jewelry...addicted here!!
  10. I like the charms but I don't like velour on bags for some reason.
  11. Not my thing, but that is probably because I am too old!
  12. I don't care for the bags, but I think their little accessories are adorable. I haven't bought any, but they're fun to look at