i know the french love their escargots, but . . . .

  1. this might be taking things a little far, hmmmmm?


  2. LOL! Is this a new bag, or vintage? Or custom?
  3. OOH! that is too cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmao
  4. oh my call me crazy but i find it good in a weird way sort of well ahem it has that himalaya appeal :shame:
  5. I like it, hehehe.
    Thanks for sharing it.
  6. Way too Cute!!!! Actually, it's very appealing...
  7. i should clarify, i don't find it hideous -- i think it's hilarious -- as lilach says, with that himalaya appeal.

    BUT, i can't say i see myself plunking down a few grand for one . . . .
  8. "Hmm - if I could find a hat to go with it, I would be set to go out for a plate of escargot." she silently muses.
  9. That is SO cute! I would wear it if it was a messenger.
  10. I think it's quite clever! I personally wouldn't wear it, but I could see it on certain people. People with far more panache than I, that is.
  11. what IS that?
  12. dq, I actually like it!! :smile: It might be more universally appealing if it didn't have the snail swirl design. :smile: I think it's cute.
  13. Well its certainly cute DQ. I dont think I would wear it though. Maybe if I was seriously loaded, I would have to have one in my collection. But Im not :cursing: .
  14. Love it!!! Not sure I would wear it, but still love the design and especially the color. Great find.
  15. :p it is cute!