I know I will probably get booed out of here.. but

  1. do you ever, even just for a minute think.. "it's just a purse?!" :confused1: I am not trying to upset anyone, I am just as obsessed as the next gal, but sometimes I just think what am I spending so much time and money on?? I get so completely obsessed with it and spend so much dang energy on it, and then I always question if I got the right one, or what else is coming out.. do any of you ever think that? Just curious.. with me it is almost all or nothing... and financially I am getting a little nervous!! :tdown:
  2. AMEN to that!!!!!! I totally and completely agree with you. Now, am I putting that into action...NOPE :p I really need to and I feel like (hope that) once I get my replacement Turquoise Ergo Tote I will FINALLY be satisfied and will not need to shop or look for a while (I HOPE...so does my bank account)!! :nuts:
  3. LOL.. Yeah, that's just it.. I am completely in love with Coach in particular.. but I am obsessed with it.. man I spend sooo much time thinking, dreaming, obsessing and shopping!! When I have debt and kids and other things.. I just have my moments of what in the heck am I doing?? :wtf: It never lasts long enough though.. don't know if that's good or bad.. it has gotten bad enough I think the only way I can stop is just to not even go near a store or outlet, and that would be SOO hard!!! :crybaby: I have a love/hate with coach... ha ha
  4. Word up. I actually took a good look at myself when I bought the Ergo yesterday, and said, I have enough bags now. I had enough bags BEFORE the one I bought yesterday. They are, in the end, just bags. Time to stop shopping for a good long while.

    However, I'm still game for chatting about bags, and living vicariously though people who still can/will buy new stuff.
  5. of course it's just a purse, at the end of the day. but i think it represents SO much more people- like how hard you've worked, what you believe you're worth, an important occasion...
  6. i totally get what you're saying!! like when i'm in the coach store for example, its like "oh, only $358 for that? that's pretty cheap...." but then later you reanalyze the situation and you're like oh my gosh... that much for a purse! something you just put stuff in?!

    but i still love them anyway =D

    I say this all the time. It is 10000000% not worth the stress.

    IT IS JUST A PURSE! This stuff is supposed to be fun. It's supposed to make us happy (like kallison said - special event, etc, it should make us feel good about ourselves, not stress)

    I never think anyone should have to worry about money in order to buy one, and I never think anyone should buy one they dont love, and I dont think people should buy things that are not 'good' for them (bad necks, shoulders, backs, but carrying huge heavy leather bags - fashion ain't worth pain)

    ok, stepping off soapbox

    no booing for you, ITA! :yes:
  8. Everyone should have a hobby :yes:
    As long as we keep in mind that it is only a hobby. I also think it is important to not look down on other people for carrying other types of bags. Make sure your priorities are in place and enjoy. I hope we are individuals who, despite having an obsession, are well-rounded and loving. People have obsessive hobbies with all sorts of things - ours just happen to be handbags.
  9. Exactly...I think if you want to "quit Coach" for a while it is best to just LAY LOW and not be around anything that might tempt you! I know that's what I need to do. But WILL I???? We'll see.:graucho:
    It is so true though how my perspective on pricing has changed since I started buying Coach. B.C. (Before Coach) I used to think anything over $75 for a handbag was EXPENSIVE! Now it's like, "WOW, Only $198 for that little purse...what a steal!". Then I think, WHAT?!?!!? Am I CRAZY!?!? :nuts:Do I realize how much stuff I could get (food, necessities) for that much money!?!? OMG!
    I think I have FINALLY found a bag that will satisfy ALL of my wants/needs in Coach: a gorgeous neutral color with the TDF Legacy Striped Lining. Big enough to hold all I need and then some, but not super huge looking or heavy. I've got the best of everything!! Someone please remind me of this next time I post about having my eye on another bag - if it's anywhere earlier than at least 6 months from now! LOL!

    Just kidding!!

    Spending time and money on bags isn't an issue for me now. I don't have any kids or any major debt, so I spend my money on what I like. I'm not too much into buying "trendy" stuff, and after getting a dark brown and camel leather bag, I'm done for a while. I have a pretty well rounded collection, and would rather spend time and money on something that I know I'll be happy with for a long time....but I do agree that at the end of the day, it is still just a bag.
  11. Glad to know I am not alone :p I don't have any issue with obsessing a little, but I tend to go overboard obsessive about anything in life, and purses just doesn't make a lot of sense for me to get so darn stressed over!!! The thing for me is it is the pursuit of happiness.. once I get what I want, it is onto the next thing and it is only satisfying for a very short time.. that is what is soo frustrating.. :crybaby: Also, like many of you said, I started my purse obsession with coach so now anything under $200 is like I'm at the dollar store.. it gets ridiculous!!! Well anyway, just had to vent a little and see if I was the only one going absolutely insane.. lol thanks for making me feel as normal as I can!!
  12. I'm exactly the same as you. When I get into something I go hog wild and way off the deep end. Like with scrapbooking, I bought just about every kit and embellishment set off of QVC, and a bunch of tools from Michael's, and whenever the next TSV on QVC came out that had the same tool I'd just bought, but with a different font set (or whatever) with it, I'd buy the new one too! It really is an insane obsession.

    Like take me today, I have movers coming at the end of the week, and I'm stressing about how I'm going to pay them, yet I bought 3 scarves with my PCE card when I'd already pre-ordered some stuff. It's truly nuts.

    I really need to not buy anything else for a while, but it's so hard being on here and seeing what everyone has, and falling in love with the next new thing.

    I think it's something psychological with us. I'm sure there is something in my life that I'm either unhappy with, or lacking in, which is why I keep buying. So I can get that pleasure/happy fix when I get the new thing, but then it's gone a few days later. I never use most of what I buy, it's like I don't want to get it dirty or whatever. The whole thing is really unhealthy and financially stupid (at least what I do is)!
  13. I go through periods where I'm spending more time checking out bags, trying to decide the right one, etc. but I've always loved a good handbag--it's such an important part of helping us get through our busy day! It is easy to get caught up in 'the next best thing' and I bet most of us are guilty of that!

    For me, I feel better prepared running through my day with three little kids and work demands knowing I have my trusted essentials in something that I really enjoy carrying, and for me, that's worth a bit of investment.

    Also, I do a lot of bargain shopping in other areas on most things so I can afford to spend a little on something I really appreciate.

    I do think we obsess too much at times, but maybe we just need to have a break from the demands of raising families, working hard, taking care of others and finding our way in life?

    It's a bit frivolous, sure, but we've got plenty of weighty demands in life, and everyone needs a little break now and then.

    I will say there are times when I say, "Enough all ready! No more outlet!" :p Other times, I figure a little shallow obsession is a nice break from more serious demands!
  14. I agree.. it's just for me I need to step back and look because I am just buying them... then I find myself returning and selling them because I don't love them as much as I thought I would, or usually I find something a little better right away.. I literally am NOT enjoying them right now because of that but I think it CAN be a healthy good thing for those that can afford it. :smile:
  15. I know what you mean...I went through a period where I kept buying and returning bags and, for me, realized a couple of things:

    1. I was buying what I liked (or what was popular) without really thinking about how I would use it in my life, and

    2. I was avoiding doing some other things I should have been doing (work, other issues, etc). It was my way of procrastinating...

    Maybe we can start a thread where we help one another get off the buy/return cycle? I know many of us have been there (and still get on the merry-go-round from time to time?):confused1: