I killed my LV!

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  1. I don't know how I did it but I killed my beloved black vernis glace snapped billfold.
    My husband and I went for a motorcycle ride and I'd stored my wallet in the top box of the bike. Got home, unpacked but somehow managed to drop it on the exhaust pipes where it stayed until my husband noticed a burning smell the next day when he took the bike out again.
    I'm so bummed and angry :cursing: cause I can't find one that's not the glossy finish. Mine was a matt finish. And I've got the checkbook cover to match. :crybaby:

    If anyone hears of one, please keep me in mind :yes:

  2. Sorry about that!
  3. :sad: Hope you find one soon!
  4. Oh goodness! So sorry to hear about your loss! :sad:

    May she rest in peace...
  5. Oh no, so sorry to hear! I hope you find another one just like it.
  6. oh my! goosebumps! I'm going for a ride with my fiance on his new Ducati this weekend.
    I'm leaving my bag at home after hearing this horrible accident!
  7. Oh, I'm sorry to hear this! Best of luck in your search for a new one.
  8. I'm so sorry! :crybaby:I'll keep my eyes open!
  9. Yikes! Sounds scary! I know that sinking feeling when you know its un-rescuable (I think I just made up a word). I'm sorry this happened and I hope you find a replacement one soon!
  10. Oh no! Sending good vibes your way so that you'll find another one!
  11. Eek! I'd cry. Did you try asking the store if they have more? It's a stretch, but you should try. Or else, try...ebay.
  12. I'm so sorry! :sad:

    I hope you find a replacement soon!
  13. Sorry! Hope you'll be able to find another!
  14. aw so sorry to hear that...:flowers:
  15. Thanks! I'd appreciate it. I found this one on eBay. I'm going to ask my SA if they are still made but I don't really think I have much of a chance there.:crybaby:

    All I can say is that it's a lesson learned. Don't take your LV with you when you ride! :nogood: