I keep reading about all the quality issues - wallets peeling, MC and cerises

  1. I keep reading about a lot of issues - (the recent post) bows falling off bracelets, wallets peeling, MC and cerises fading, locks rusting.....hmmmmm I am starting to feel like LV isn't a high quality brand. :cry:

    I expect a brand that is so expensive should have superior quality. It doesn't seem the quality is better than say coach. What is your opinion?
  2. Sometimes it depends on the piece. The MC and Cerises (as well as the graffiti and cherry blossom) are made with a special printing process where the pattern is printed on the piece. The care booklet says to expect this with normal use. However, I have things from each of these lines, both bags and accessories and haven't had any of these problems.
    Locks will rust of course, as they're brass. All you need to do is shine them once in awhile and they'll be fine. The other issues like the wallets peeling and the bows falling off, I'd suspect are just pieces that may have gotten through QC with that problem. You can always take the pieces back to the store and have them look at them. In most cases, they'll be happy to work with you to come to a resolution.
    My mom has been buying LV for 17+ years and I have just gotten into it within the last 6 years or so, and I'm happy to say none of our pieces have had any problems. And like I said, they span a wide variety of lines, from monogram to epi, to the special release pieces etc, and we've still never had a problem. I've posted it before and I'll post it again, but this was my mom's very first LV bag purchased in late 89, early 90, used daily for about 8 years:
    And this is why I'll continue to buy it..because I've never had a problem and hopefully never will.
  3. I have NEVER had a problem with any of my LV items. My pap 30 zipper pull had some pealing that is not really noticeable to the naked eye because it's one of the oldest bags I have and I use it in bad weather a lot (apparently it's normal wear and tear). MC, Cerises and items with the bow that I own are all fine and TRUST ME when I say this - I DO NOT baby my bags!!!:lol:
  4. I love the look of a well used speedy!
  5. IMO you have to consider what the item is. Just because it's considered luxury or designer, and the price is high, doesn't mean that it's meant to last a lifetime. Or even last the season. BV, Chanel, Gucci and all the rest are in the same boat.

    Fabric, suede and lambskin won't last as long as a sturdier leather, and lighter colors doom you from the get go. Coated canvas lasts, but if something is just printed on top of it, no, it's not meant for supreme longevity.

    Then there's how you treat it. I really do believe that some people THINK they're not tough on their items when they're actually worse than average.
  6. I haven't had any problems with my LV - mostly Mono items. Just the bow falling off my MC bracelet. :cry:
  7. I was just noticing the other day that one of the lv's on my agenda is rubbing off. Keep in mind i use this agenda daily and by no means baby it.
    Its one on the middle row where the agenda closes (the round part)

  8. It May Seem Like More Because We Have Each Other To Discuss It! My Only Problems: Wear On My Mono PTI & Color Problems With My Silver Vernis Broome.....They Are Both Such Slight Problems.....NOTHING Else ~ Ever!
  9. Hi - I posted earlier but just to let you know, my new 6 week Vernis Brentwood broke where the holder for the strap is. This is very poor quality. I would not recommend any style where the handles use this type of construction, (where you can replace the strap). When they were sewed onto the bag, I never had anything like this happen. I think they are changing the style and trying to make the hardware more distinct and dimensional but the may have traded down on durability vs. style with this particular design.
  10. I have never had a problem with anything from LV. I have a cerises speedy, among other things, and it looks as good as the day I bought it. The leather is a teeny bit darker but other than that you would never know it is a year old. I really think most of these problems are isolated incidents, aside from the smelly mandarin speedys and the fading of the MC. Mistakes happen occasionally.
  11. i agree that other than the fading and stuf like that which is bound to happen, as even LV states in their care booklets, i've had no problems with my LV's, and neither has my mother......she has LV bags from 24ish years ago that are in pristine condition, although she did have a minor problem with a stud popping off (but i don't think it's something we can blame LV for since she carried a ton of heavy stuff in her bag :P).....and when she did have the problem LV charged a nominal fee (almost nothing), even though this was more than 20 years later, and the bag was as good as new :yes:
  12. My mom has the cerise cles, and I noticed that some of the little cherries on the edges are rubbing off, so that you can see the monogram print underneath. I wasn't too happy about that, but I guess it has to be expected. My epi leather cles is starting to wear too, which I was suprised about (the color in the creases is starting to fade/rub off). BUT...I do use it EVERYDAY, so I guess that explains it. I'm always a little upset when I notice that things are fading, just because I think for the price, they should last a little longer...BUT, nothing can last forever, so I s'pose I just need to realize its normal wear.
  13. And yet when you hear about people with these problems it's just usually right when it happens when people's emotions are high. You rarely hear someone say "I'm never buying from LV again". Even when there have been these problems.

    I've never had a problem, I think it's silly to assume there are not going to be wear problems (although Lvn's wallet peel was beyond the pale)... LV seems to be okay with dealing with them so far.
  14. Well for starters, MC and silk-screened pieces (cerises, cherry blossom, graffiti, MC) all fade. The cerises faces will fade away to regular brown canvas, the same happens with MC (but if your pieces is black, the multicolor monograms fade into black canvas) and the other silk-screened pieces. LV says this is "normal" wear and tear. I think it's BS. BUT being you're warned, you expect it. The thing for me is that LV boasts this "life time service", this "if you spend so and so amount of money on one of our pieces, it'll last forever" - but how true is that? I know it took 6 months for the stitching to begin coming undone on my boyfriends wallet, and it took only 2 months for the monograms on my MC trouville to fade away. When represented with this arguement, they say "if you care for your bags, they'll last you forever" - by care they mean don't place the items on the floor (in the case of the MC, ever), wash your hands before ever touching the handles, and never, ever, take the bags out in the rain. Well let's think about it. OF COURSE a bag you (a) never put on the floor, (b) you never let get wet, and (c) treat better than you treat your mother will OBVIOUSLY last as long as possible - but that's not the QUALITY of LV that makes it last that long, it's the OWNER. Really, let's think about it...
  15. I'm wondering what's going on with their quality... must be the mass fabrication. well how much of the mono canvas is crafted by hand anymore? what's even more shocking are price increases several times per year, if they also raise the prices in europe it is for no apparent reason than for making money... I'm slowly considering other brands... any opinions on what will actually last long though regularly "abused"?