I just some perspective on life...

  1. I live in a small town suburb of New York City, and in general it's a very quiet little area.
    Today I was downtown dropping off a package at the post office when I heard a huge screeching of tires and a commotion.
    A white car was hurtling down the main street of our little town--where there are always a lot of kids and young people, especially in the summer. She jumped right up onto the sidewalk, hitting at least five cars and a building before mowing down a pedestrian.

    I saw a man get killed while just walking down the sidewalk minding his own business. :wtf::crybaby::sad:

    Obviously it is incredibly sad and I'm more than a little shaken...and it also put my "purse obsession" into perspective all of a sudden. If that had been me on the sidewalk, I don't think anyone would have noticed or cared if I was carrying a Birkin or a bag from Old Navy. I'd still be just as dead. And my bags aren't going to live on after I go someday.

    Sorry for the incredibly depressing post, but I'm really very shaken by this.
  2. Wow. Its very understandable that you would be shaken up. I am so sorry you had to witness this!
    Everything happens for a reason, I truly believe that.
  3. What a scary thing to have witnessed... I think we all face an event in our lives that really makes us check our priorities. I hope they at least caught the person who did this and they didn't speed off away from the crime scene.
  4. What a tragic thing to witness. I hope you are feeling ok. It really is things like this that make us realize that topics we think are so important and world-ending (like the latest purse offerings) don't mean anything in the grand, grand scheme of things. I think it's healthy to enjoy our obsessions but still have a balanced view on life...
  5. Thanks so much for your kind words, Blue824 and etagaya. Yes, they did catch the driver; there was no way she was speeding away, as her car is totalled, they had to actually use the jaws of life thingy to get her out...but ironically I don't think she was hurt badly, if at all.

    I just saw this...


    I am OK, just feeling very grateful for my life, and my loved ones and all of the good fortune I have had.
  6. {{{{Hugs Cyn}}}}}}
    These things are very difficult to process. I am glad you are OK. Thank you for sharing with us. :heart:
  7. OH Gosh..how horrible!!! I'm so ssorry you had to be a witness. Some people are just crazy!

  8. Cynthia - gosh this is so horrible! I'm sorry you had to witness this, and now to deal with the sadness and anger at that crazy woman! I guess it really would slam things into perspective. Big hug - I hope you are okay.
  9. OMG wow.. I've never witnessed someone being killed right before my eyes but I know if I did it would definitley traumatize me. I reach out to you and I hope you feel better soon and happier.
    I agree with the perspective on life thing. I know that I act very materialistic a great deal of the time. As much as I don't like saying this, I am a materialistic person. But I have these moments every now and then.. these moments that just make me think about life and how all that really matters is being truly happy, loving, and being loved. In these moments I don't think about wanting clothes, bags, money, etc. but instead I realize deep down inside that life is so short and so brief and that I don't want to waste it all pursuing after material things instead of just living life and being happy and content. I wish I felt like this more often. It's very inspirational, kwim? Unfortunately, that feeling is very fleeting.
    It was terrible what happened and once again, I hope you start feeling like your normal self soon! :flowers:
  10. yikes!how sad,that is so awful!!!
    so sorry u had such a sad experience...does give u a chance to reflect...doesnt it?
  11. What a sad situation! It seems that in other similar incidents I've read about, the driver simply lost control (sometimes an elderly driver who hit the gas instead of the brakes).

    I have experienced a few things over the past few years that have made me realize how little "things" mean. It's funny how the "small stuff" just falls away, isn't it?
  12. I had a similar experience yesterday. I passed by an accident scene. The car had flipped over, and there was a man was trapped underneath. As I drove by, I saw all the blood on the highway. I heard on the news later that the accident was fatal. I went home and hugged DH really tight, and wondered if anyone had been waiting for that poor man to come home.
  13. That is just horrible and tragic. I feel so bad for the victim. And how awful for you to have witnessed it. You're so right, these sad events serve as wake-up calls for the rest of us. I hope that man didn't suffer before he passed.
  14. I am so sorry you had to witness such a horrible tragedy. Life is here one second and gone the next. You're right. It could happen to anyone of us and it does put life in perspective indeed. I'll keep you in my prayers that you find peace and comfort.:heart:
  15. Wow that is one hell of a harsh dose of perspective to encounter. It's good you are talking about it and not trying to deal with all of that feeling internally. I hope you're ok.