I just saw the neatest thing on the Japan site

  1. All of the luggage tags like the heart, star, and oversized lozenge tags you can get monogramed with initials!!! I wish I could post a picture


    but thats as good as i can get
  2. How do you get to Coach's Japan site?
  3. I wonder if they are going to start that here! I have the heart tag and that would be so cute!!!

    I would have the buy the star then :smile:
  4. I saw that recently too. Its too cute - like the monogram signature stripe tote that they used to do.
  5. What a great gift idea!
  6. I love that idea.
  7. Japan has the best stuff! Their economy is thrived on trading and selling consumer products. I wouldn't be surprised that every designer bag from chanel to coach in Japan are very unique and different from America.
  8. A COACH Mgr told me that they were given mongrammed tags at their last manager's conference in Florida this year. I wish COACH would start to monogram these for everyone, it would be sooooooooo nice!:heart:
  9. Why does the Japan site always have stuff before the US site? Or stuff that the US site never has?

  10. I guess they preserved their economy very well, ever since the Meiji Restoration during the 1900s in Japan, Japan has been thriving on capitalism and making one of the best products out there. Competition is also important, many designer companies make better bags to compete against each other. Coach needed more than ordinary looking bags in order to outsell their other competitions. I guess Japan developed their economy quicker and modernized quicker before America really did during the 1900s. The past does effect the present.
  11. I really hope they start that here! It would be so cool to have a luggage tag with my initials on it!
  12. Totally agreed :tup:
  13. Monogram luggage tag charms is too cute (and that would have made a great gift too!).

    I agree that the Japan site does have some nice things. They have this leather turnlock wallet (looks VERY similiar to the turnlock agendas) that I can't wait to own.
  14. Oooh I would LOVE to have a monogrammed little tag to hang on one of my purses!

    Unless it's super expensive, but I don't see why it would be.