I just realized I have bought two matching sets

  1. This winter I have been wearing my Jimmy Choo black crushed patent leather Prince Boots and Chloe Brown C-Buckle (Prince) boots so much because I love them both. I thought it was funny that I like "Prince" boots.

    Without even thinking about it, last week I bout the Jimmy Choo black crushed patent leather "proverb" pumps. Then today I got (on sale, thanks to the Chloe board!) the Chloe brown C-Buckle pumps.

    I just bought two pairs of pumps that are the exact matches to my two pairs of boots.

    That just struck me as odd. I must really like these two particular styles!

    Is it also overboard that my Chloe boots match my pumps and both match my Paddington? At least I can't wear all three on the same day! :rolleyes:

    I'll be sure to post pictures of both sets when the Chloe's arrive!
  2. I think that´s great; you know your style!
  3. agreed, if you find something you like you should just get it, if you wait around almost always you'll end up going on a wile goose chase trying to track down your size because they end up getting sold out...at least that been my experiance