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  1. I just pre-ordered these CLs...I think they are going to look great with jeans for night out and also with a dress for special occasions.....!(Short mini silver spangle dress! that is)

    I love the golden toe and the golden heel....I think I am going to save it for the Christmas Party this year....

    Yeah..I am so happy and CL rock!

    P.S. Do you guys know how the sizes run for the CL sling backs? I never bought a CL slingback before and I am not sure how the sizes run....I usually wear 7 1/2 for prives, 7 for pigalles(though I ccan fit into 6 1/2), and 7 1/2 for most of the pumps....

    Slingbacks...I just assume I can go one size smaller? Any tips?
  2. How gorgeous! I just looked at these on the BG site and was drooling!!! You and I have the same taste in shoes, I think! I love, love, love these!!

    Can I see a picture when you get them?

    Congratulations & enjoy!
  3. Sure I will post pix when I get them! I hope they get here asap! Thanks!
  4. Very pretty, can't wait to see the pics when they arrive
  5. they are beautiful! congrats! :biggrin:
  6. Love them!
  7. Yeah, if anyone can answer ray's questions about the fit of CL slings...I was wondering the same thing.

    I'm a 37 in the bruges and 37.5 in yoyo zeppa (with a heel pad to keep it in place since there is a bit of room.) I tried on a 37.5 foxtrot but that has an adjustable sling and wore a gel pad to make it more snug. I tried a 37 in the snakeskin no. prive and that was snug all around and my heel protruded ever so slightly in the back.

    I preordered a nude no. prive from nm.com in 37.5 which does not have an adjustable sling and was wondering if it would be too big. Thoughts? TIA
  8. Oh wow! They are beautiful
  9. Oooo Utterly gorgeous.
  10. Those are truly beautiful shoes, congrats!
  11. smokin shoes..congrats
  12. I would never go a size down in louboutins. Even with my slings, the elastic at the back is made very tight, so it wont slip off. Your feet in slings automatically fall forwards towards the front of the shoe, so the back is flexible, but certainly not loose.

    I love love love your shoes, cannot wait to see them :smile:
  13. I'm a size 6. I purchased slingbacks in a 36 and they were perfect.
  14. :love: them, so sparkly !!
  15. Wow! they are devine!