I just left my first negative feedback for a buyer...

  1. Gosh, did they really think think were buying a bag?!?!

    I sell purse books/mags on eBay and have sold enough of an amount with no problems!!!

    Last week, I sold 1 of the Gucci books and yesterday the buyer messages me saying its not what she wanted and she can't read it b/c its in Japanese.

    In my description it clearly states that ITS A BOOK!!!!!!!!! AND IN THE PIX it shows that its allll in Japanese writing.

    I haven't had any problems with other buyers so this is my first official one.

    After she did a buy it now, she messages me through the FEEDBACKS ( assuming that shes confused on where to go) she asks me if it comes with a strap. :wtf:

    Judging from her messages, I think English is her 2nd language?

    " I forgot too ask , If it comes with staps. If not please send a handbag, Gucci,"

    I then messaged her back and told her that I was confused with what she wanted.... then she replied:

    "[FONT=Arial, Verdana]I was asking do the GUcci Bible Book Handbag Purse comes with a Strap"

    So, I messaged her back and told her again, that its a BOOOOOOOOK.

    I then send out the book, and now...she messages me with..:

    [/FONT][FONT=Arial, Verdana]I jocelyn_d1031@yahoo.com. I send the book back can't read it and it was not whatI wanted.

    Argh. I clearly told her in previous messages PLUS in my listing that its a BOOK! Clearly this newbie is confused. Am I being too hard on her? Is this MY fault? Should I issue her a refund? :yucky:

    Okay so, I then nicely told her that she is confused with the listing and should go back and LOOK at it. At the bottom of the page it says that "NO RETURNS"...and this is what she says next:

    [/FONT][FONT=Arial, Verdana]I will talk too eBay about your BOOk. because eBay states,retune ITEMS."

    Am I wrong? What is right to do now? :shrugs: It seems as if I can't get thru to this buyers senses! I kept telling her that its a Gucci Book, and no it does NOT come with straps!!!

  2. okay that lady is crazy... I say leave feedback and wash your hands of the situation. hehe.. I'm an ebay meanie though.
  3. OMG! it's sooo confusing.
    can't you ask her to translate your auction and your messages from a friend who can speak english well?
  4. lol!!! Shes a US buyer and I've had PLENTY of International buyers---they even know whats going on better than she does!!!!

    Ack!!! I felt pretty bad being her 1st feedback, and it being a NEGATIVE.

    Even if she didn't translate it--my pixxxx clearly shows that its a BOOK! I take pix of the pages & cover!

    Also, what GUCCI BAG is gonna be $15?!?!?!?
  5. As long as your auction clearly states the item for auction is a book you shouldn't have any problem. I wish people that can't speak English would be more careful about bidding on an auction that is in English. If I were bidding on an item where the auction was in another language I would make sure I know what the heck was going on. Sorry you have to deal with this. eBay is full of idiots.
  6. Did she leave you feedback? I don't know if I would of left any feedback for that transaction until the crazy finally understood what was going on. Did she pay with paypal?
  7. OMG! i thought she's from japan LOL...
    she deserved the neg feedback then :p
  8. ( I can't quote right nwo b/c tPF is going slow)

    Impasto: Yes, she left me feedback---but it was actually a message. "" I forgot too ask , If it comes with staps. If not please send a handbag, Gucci,"

    And yes, she paid with paypal.

    haha...yeah shes a US buyer!
  9. sorry, but she is confused and not in the right. has she opened a dispute?
  10. Just stand your ground. I know it's hard and the buyer may try to make it difficult, but don't refund and don't let her bully you. Your auction sounds like it was very clear. I just went through a situation with a damaged bag that was sold as such with pictures and description clearly noting the flaws and the auction started at $10. The buyer tried to bully me into a refund by threatening a chargeback, but I told her I'd spoken to an attorney and that I'd fight the chargeback since the auction was clear. She backed down. You didn't do anything wrong, so unless you are feeling generous, stand your ground.
  11. ^^^nope. no dispute.---not sure if she will even figure out how to do it...lol.
  12. The whole transaction is just weird. If she hasn't opened a dispute, which she clearly has no case I would just wash my hands of the buyer.
  13. Thank you BULLETPROOFSOUL---I didn't think that selling on ebay would include any sort of stress!

    impasto---this is awesome. I have my own little support group. lol
  14. Wait, I'm not sure why you left her a negative. She paid for the book and she received it. She didn't like it, too bad, she sent it back without consulting you. You aren't obligated to give her a refund. What was the negative you left?
  15. Hmmm, My negative is to inform other sellers that shes a confused, problem buyer. I messaged her 2 messages back to back after she sent me the 1st message asking about the straps, telling her that its a BOOK, not a bag. She was silent until she received it. Then she messages me saying its not what she expected.

    Am I wrong for leaving her negative?