I just got my Prince Buckle boots :)!

  1. The leather is so soft!

    Quick question for those that have bought boots before do you have "Chloe" and then "CHAUSSURES" written underneath?
    I thought it would just be "Chloe"
  2. Congratulations! You'll wear the heck out of your Chloe boots! What color did you get BTW? Low heel or high?

    I have the wrap Chloe boots with the 3.5 inch heel in Africa, my shoe does not have the word CHAUSSURES underneath the Chloe name. Just Chloe and the size, they are the Prince boots as well.

    Send pics if you can okay. I love to see you modeling them. Last I get more compliments on my boots than my purses (grrrrrrrr). Guys really like these boots, I know my husband does!
  3. Hi Girls :smile: Here are pics of mu boots (I'm wearing them with knee high socks :smile:

  4. Wow, they are gorgoues! Where did you get them from?
  5. Oh my, they are stunning!! Congrats!!
  6. I love these boots!:smile: Thanks for sharing.
  7. Gorgeous boots!!!! Congrats
  8. Omg they're gorgeous...!!!:nuts:
  9. I l:heart:love:heart: Chloe boots!! They are my absolute favorite! Congratulations!!
  10. Great boots!!
  11. Congrats!!I have the same ones,same color and they feel like butter!!!:okay::woohoo:
  12. Gorgeous boots! Congrats!
  13. Thanks guys :smile: I can't wait to wear them (its coming on to summer in Australia so I don't even know why I bought them) They do feel like butter and they smell like my paddy :smile:

    I got them off eBay :smile: I checked all the details and they do match and the leather is sooo soft!! I'm starting to want another pair knee high brown boots :smile:! beautiful leather!
  14. Sorry I meant on the box it says "Chassures" a lovely Tpf member pm'd me and told me this meant shoes so I'm releived :smile:!

    I'd love to see a pic of your boots :smile:!! Africa's a very nice colour!
  15. :drool: Stunning!!! :drool: