I just got my new BE

  1. I purchased a BE during the sale last week. I was a little iffy about the bag but Jackie talked me into it (ha ha not hard to do). I just got it today and am not happy with it. I just isn't my style but I don't think I can return it since I got it at the sale. I am so bummed. Has anyone tried to sell a BE on eBay? Is it worth it or should I just let it sit in my closet?:sad:
  2. I'm sure you can eBay it....
  3. Which one did you get? Sorry I can't offer much help. I'm waiting on my first BE too and don't know a lot about them
  4. I got the Cary me anywhere. I think that is the name of it. It isn't one of her bags she usually carries. I am so upset. :sad:
  5. Sorry to hear you're not happy, what color bag did you get? What don't you like about it?
  6. If you dont mind me asking... can we see a picture of the bag? Because i purchased one as well. And i'm not sure how the "carry me" looked like.
  7. citychris- I fell like the bag is too large for my small frame. I am just not happy with the way it looks on me.

    I emailed Jackie to see if there was any way that she would exchange it for me and she won't. :sad: I really wanted the Indulge Me and I should have gotten it in the first place b/c now I am not going to get it if I don't get my money back for the Carry Me With Style.

    I will try to take pics in a minute.
  8. Here are the pictures of the Carry Me With Style
    tn_DSCF1858.jpg tn_DSCF1859.jpg tn_DSCF1863.jpg
  9. For what it's worth, I think the bag is lovely. I like small bags, so understand your discomfort with its size, but it certainly doesn't LOOK oversized for your frame. My guess is that you could sell it on eBay, but that it might take a while -- I have seen very few BEs on there, and think most people have no clue what it is.

    Cute dog, by the way!:yes:
  10. Honestly, I don't think the bag is too big at all (well.. at least from the way i see it in the picture). Yes, I do think i remember seeing this: there was also a white w/ pink or white w/aqua versions as well. Hmm... i'm sorry to hear that you're not satisfied w/ your purchase:sad:, but the chocolate leather looks absolutely gorgeous- i can tell how smooshy and soft it is by the way it drapes down from your shoulders. I'm hoping you can work it out somehow..... but since it was from the sample sale I don't think it was a bad deal either. Well.. tell me how it goes. good luck!
  11. By the way.... its that a yorkie??!! I have a yorkie as well. (Very cute dog/ fabulous bag - in my opnion :yes:
  12. Agree with fashion1sta's comments, and the leather looks so rich and soft. Sorry you aren't loving your BE, take it for a test drive and see if you don't get compliments on it!
  13. I think yor bag looks great on you! Definitely not too big. It's so cute (and so is your doggie :yes:)
  14. Oh dear -- I'm sorry you don't like your bag. How much did you pay for it? Can you give it to someone as a Christmas gift? What kind of bags DO you like? What do you have already?
  15. Aww...I'm sorry you aren't liking your new bag :sad:...I'm sure you could ebay it. You may want to spend a lot of time on the description, as Kathy K said, unfortunately the rest of the public is not as knowledgable about BE as those folks on tPF...But perhaps someone here, who missed the sale, will pounce on it!

    FWIW, it does look lovely on you - not large at all to me, but of course, your opinion is really the only one that matters. Did you try putting some items in it and seeing if it changed the look in any way?