I Just Got Miranda In Blue!!!!!

  1. Hey Everyone, I Went To The Gardens Mall In Palm Beach Yesterday And They Had A Bunch Of The Next Floor Set Hidden In The Back.... So I Just Had To See It. They Had White Miranda,blue, Black Medium Lily And Camel. Also The Bridget, In Walnut And Rose! There Was Other Stuff But It Wasnt To My Liking So Didnt Pay Much Attention. Anyhow I Got The Blue Miranda Had To Order Bridget In The Rose They Only Had One Supposably Though I Believe That To Be False. Also Got Bleeker Wristlet In Their Version Ofrose The Framed Beauty Case In Brown, And A Jumbo Optic Scarf To Go With Miranda. So Now I Have The Bordeaux, And The Blue. Shes Gorgeous!!!!!!
  2. I saw the blue in the red book last week and it is such a pretty color. Please post pics!!
  3. I can't wait to see it!!
  4. that's a very cute bag.....
    were they snooty to you @ that store??? They're always so mean to me there so I tend to shop @ wellington green more
  5. They Were Nice Til The Kinda Older Lady Tried Talking Me Into Getting The White. How She Said It Made Me Woder Was A Little Weird Like She Wanted The Blue... So It Made Me Mad And Told Her Whites Nice My Fave Color Not For 800.00 Bucks To Get Ruined!!! Then I Left. Ill Post Pics Just Got To Load Em.
  6. lol I know who you're talking about..... she's VERY pushy... and doesn't know her stuff, I asked her if she could order me one of the new bleecker checkbooks in white/khaki and she told me they never made them........ which they obviously do....
  7. Yes I Know! She Gave Me A Hard Time Around Xmas Thought I Stole Something But It Was My Phone I Stuck In My Pocket. Boy I Made Her Look Dumb. Trying To Post Pics Cant Figure Out How.
  8. post lots of pics!!!! Can't wait to see it!:yes:
  9. Heres One Think I Did It Right.
    miranda blue.jpg
  10. :drool: OMG i love it in this color! Is it more of a navy or a royal blue? I have a bordeaux and also want miranda in white, but hmm..I do like this blue!
  11. Heres Another Ill Post Modeling Pics Next
    miranda blue2.jpg
  12. It Isnt Exactly Navy Its Kinda Like A Real Dark Atlantic Blue Mixed With Navy. It A Perfect Blue Goes Great With Denim.
  13. OMG! That is absolutely STUNNING heidi! Congratulations!
  14. gorgeous ! what type of leather is it ?
  15. Its The Hamptons Vintage Leather.