I just feel I need to vent...

  1. :yucky: So I think it's so infuriating when you see these women walking around w/ fake bags and they act like they're all high and mighty. I just want to say "You're carrying a fake bag, get over yourself!" I just don't understand it...A girl today was carrying a fake Cabas Piano (totally obvious) and I just stared at her in disgust. She acted like she was so much better than everyone else. It just annoys me to no end. Fell free to vent all of your fake LV frustrations...AHH I feel so much better now...None of my friends understand my obsession with LV. Thanks ya'll for being my outlet! ;)

  2. I feel that some people just can't afford to pay the money that some of us can, to buy our beloved LV's and instead of saving up for the real thing they just choose to go the bootleg route. There are others that try to pass off there counterfeits as the real deal and those people just end up embarrassing themselves in the long run.
  3. It does annoy me, but it's their choice to carry conterfeit bags. I mean as long as ours is the real deal, we dont have to worry about them. :biggrin:
  4. You don't know them, they don't know you - who cares what other people carry/act/do? I don't think it's worth getting annoyed or upset over other people's choices.
  5. Life is too short for me to worry about someone elses fakes and attitudes. I dont condone it nor do I worry or contemplate it. Waste of time ya know?
  6. I agree! we're all different and need to live with these different people in our lives. Tolerate them!
  7. Sometimes I get a little giggle at a fake if I see one. I could care less who's carrying it though ;):flowers:
    As long as you have authentic ones, oh well!
  8. I just turn the other way as soon as I notice it's a fake. So grateful I finally talk my sister-in-law out of owning fakes. She doesn't like them either, sometimes it's not in her budget with three kids... Life's too short to worry about these strangers.
  9. My opinion... I don't understand why people feel the need to buy fakes. I can't afford 18 different designer bags, so I have some designer and some non-designer. I would never buy a fake because I don't feel the need to "impress" people with something I can't actually afford.
  10. Acting like you're better than other people because of what bag you're carrying is disgusting :yucky: Regardless if it's fake or authentic!
  11. Well put..
  12. It doesn't agner me. I think people know when their bags are fake.
  13. I think these women who carry fakes just look pathetic...I feel sorry for them. They attempt to look so proud and smart but they just look foolish.
  14. For some women, they could have no idea what LV is. What if the bag was given to them as a gift and they liked it...? Not all women who carry fakes may know it's a fake, or what the particular designer brand is :shrugs:
  15. Honestly I know a lot of ppl that choose to carry fakes...........my mom has a few and so do my cousins. They just don't realize that it's actually wrong. They don't have the same obsession as I do and feel kind of special that they are carrying something that looks expensive. I don't let it bother me......it's their choice and they are old enough to know better. I really don't judge ppl for this decision...it's just not one I would make.