I just did it Jungle collection!!!

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  1. I was not going to fall for jungle...it was crazy for me but when I saw the print in the speedy 30 and all the new improvements it came with it I had to do it...new zipper pull (all leather)zipper in the inside pouch and a bigger pouch size(fits my iPhone 6plus) and the colors are so spring-summer-beach and all time use at least for me...
  2. Love it! Congrats and enjoy your beautiful new speedy!
  3. Thanks!!! I am really enjoying it
  4. Enjoy your beautiful Speedy! I love this print also, I got the Neverfull.
    The colors and the design are so cute, remind me of holidays, fun, summer and beach :smile:. Will be great to bring these feelings into the city and Office!
  5. congrats! cool carpet too, def has a vuitton vibe :smile:

  6. Lovely!! Congrats!!

  7. Oh I feel exactly the same!!! It is just a fun bag to brighten every day of the week

  8. Thanks!! I think you're right,carpet kind of matches the bag
  9. Congrats! It´s a beautiful bag :smile: .
  10. Wow, it looks great!! :tup:
  11. Congratulations!! It's beautiful!! It hooked me too!!
  12. Beautiful!!!
  13. congrats! you are not alone, i fell hard for this speedy too. it is just gorgeous in this print. i haven't taken mine out for a spin yet but hope to soon. hope you enjoy yours!
  14. Love it !!!!!!! Congrats !!!!!! I have been going back and forth on this one :smile: Can you post a mod shot ? Thanks so much ! :smile:
  15. Beautiful, congrats