I just bought black brief with regular hardware...

  1. I just a bought a black brief with regular hardware yesterday and I was wondering if I should keep it or exchange for something else.
    I couldn't even sleep yesterday thinking about this!
    This is my first balenciaga and I kinda regret of getting this one instead of the city....
    Do you guys think the city is waaaayyyyyyy better than the brief???

    Also, the one I got is really wrinkly on the side. Is it supposed to be like this?

    It's kinda random to say this but... I just had to say it... SA from Barneys Beverly Hills is such a ............. or is it just me.... ;;;
  2. Exchange it ~ you gotta love your B Bag you do get. If you can exchange go for it and get what you want. Compare the 2 side by side. It all depends on size ~ size does MATTER!

    Hope this helps
    Linda Marie
  3. if you love the city better, go for the city...
    brief is a great style, but i never really seen the brief IRL, so i can't make comparison :p
  4. It's your first bag... you have to love it. If your idea was to get the city then that it's what you have to do.
    BTW I saw the brief IRL and it's beautiful... :shame:
  5. i favor brief over the city... but you've gotta love your bag...

    bring it back if thats what heart is towards the city...
  6. If you decide to return it, would you mind posting photos of it here before you do? Many of us are curious about how the brief looks with regular hardware. Thanks ! :heart:
  7. My first B-bag was a City last year. And I think it's the "quintessential" B-bag to start your collection off... But that's just my 2 cents.

    I bought a black Brief with the new gold hardware and LOVE it. I just love how the Brief looks with the new hardware, it seems to add a lot of depth to the bag. But if you're mulling it over, I think you really probably aren't happy with what you purchased--so get what you love!
  8. Thank you everyone for helping me out!
    I kept looking at my bag and I kinda like it now. Here is the picture of my bag.... It's okay right????
  9. That is a COOL bag!
  10. that bag looks BEAUTIFUL!!!

    but, do what makes you feel happy... since it is your bag, and you are the one carrying it!! :biggrin:

    let us know what you decide!
  11. i just tried that exact bag on at Neiman Marcus and i really loved it...
    i'm getting an anthracite as i already have a black bbag...
  12. I love the brief style. I think your new bag looks good. When I visited NM they only had the briefs with the big hardware, I was hoping to see one like yours.

    IMO I think the city style makes for a good 1st Bbag.

    I love how it is very classic. It was my 1st bbag.

    If you are having buyers remorse then maybe you should return it and get a city?
  13. I REALLY like it kyutey!:love:
  14. The City is a classic, whereas the Brief is a brand-new style that definitely feels fresh. If you're spending a bundle on a bag you better LOVE it 100% - so if you think you'd be happier with the city, you should go for it.
    I think the Brief looks really cool. The City has the optional strap, so if that's a plus to you, maybe you should get the city. If it's the veininess that bothers you, you should exchange it for a smoother bag.
    But regardless, congratulations! You've just taken the first step toward a fabulous addiction and financial decline! welcome to the club!
  15. Kyutey, to be honest, I think the Black Brief with regular hardware is really gorgeous :love:
    I also want one but cant decide which color would be ME :sweatdrop: ;) :shame:
    Enjoy with your awesone Brief!