I just bought an epi Gemeaux on ebay!


Nov 26, 2005
Oh my goodness... my hands are still trembling! I saw this whilst checking out my favourite sellers and grabbed it in like 3 min! ok, i needed to calm myself for a few secs when i saw this!:nuts:


I was lusting after the popincourt haut and really wanted one in epi SO and this one is almost similar! Ayla introduced this to me (thanks!) when i wanted something similar but the one that let-trade was selling had a middle zipped section to it whereas this one is a full zipped section! ohhh.... i can't wait to see this in real life!:love:

I called up LV after and asked if they are still selling this just to confirm that it has been discontinued and they told me the retail price is abt £630. So, i got this half price... i do wonder why it is so reasonable but i was sure that rebecca is a legit seller... so i guess it is my lucky day! i hope this turns out well... i have never bought LVs from ebay before! :worried: